The Decameron of Boccaccio.jpg
The Decameron of Boccaccio
The Embarkation - Illustration to Petronius.jpg
The Embarkation - Illustration to Petronius
The Fruit Gatherers.jpg
The Fruit Gatherers
The Great Water - Illustration.jpg
The Great Water - Illustration
The Idylls of Moschus.jpg
The Idylls of Moschus
The Old Batchelor - Illustration.jpg
The Old Batchelor - Illustration
The Procession.jpg
The Procession
The Rivals.jpg
The Rivals
The Scoffers.jpg
The Scoffers
The Spirit of the Earth.jpg
The Spirit of the Earth
Tom O'Bedlam - Illustration 2.jpg
Tom O'Bedlam - Illustration 2
Tom O'Bedlam - Illustration 3.jpg
Tom O'Bedlam - Illustration 3
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