Cassie Waina was born in 1977 at Kalumburu community. She is the daughter of renowned artist Kevin Waina. Cassie lives and works at Kalumburu with other famous indigenous artists like her father Kevin and acclaimed Wandjina artist Lilli Karadada. Cassie is of the Kwini group whose country stretches from Kalumburu to Oombulgarri. Cassie is one of the emerging artists of the Kimberley following in her father's footsteps. She is an inspiring artist who has a deep connection to the traditional culture which has been nutured by her parents and which she in turn is instilling into her own children. She regularly exhibits at Our Land Gallery, Red Rock Gallery and the Broome 6 Gallery.


"Wandjinas and Gyorn Gyorn" This is a skillfully executed work in acrylics on quality primed cotton duck canvas. The compostion features 5 Wandjinas sweeping diagonally across the canvas, with a different Wandjina at the top of the painting. This particular Wandjina is unique to the top part of Wandjina country. The composition also delicate representations of Gyorn Gyorn. figures. Cassie has mixed several colours directly onto the canvas with broad brush strokes to acheive an effect that gives the feel and emotion of rock art. The result is a well composed image typical of the rock art sites from Cassie's country.

The work is 44 x 45cm with the canvas being 48x49cm it can be stretched onto a frame or framed behind glass. The painting is signed "C Waina" in the lower right hand corner and comes with a Certificate of Authenticity.

Cassie Waina

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