With the 'turret-top' 1936 cars, Chevrolet reclaimed first place in the sales stakes from Ford, up nearly seventy percent over its 1935 models. Styling was an attractive facelift of the 1935 Master series, with front doors hinged at the leading edge, and a vee windscreen. Chevrolet's other big news for 1936 was its adoption of hydraulic brakes, with Dubonnet-type 'knee-action' independent front suspension available as an option. Coupes could be had on the same 109-inch and 113-inch wheelbases as the Standard and Master, two inches up on 1935.

This car is on the standard wheelbase and was originally powered by a 79bhp 206.5 cu in straight-six engine with three-speed manual gearbox, of which 59,356 were built. The original powerplant has been removed and it comes with a six-cylinder Blue Flame unit, as used on the later 'Tri-Chevies'. The vendor explains: "It came in from Florida in 2009 and is a typical car with one owner for many years that only needs light restoration - making it quite rare nowadays. The body is in superb condition and it would make a lovely old classic or Hot Rod if you so desire. This is a pretty rare model and well worth the effort of putting together with little fuss". He describes the coachwork as "very solid" and the paintwork as "average", while he rates the overhauled engine as "very good" and the three-speed manual transmission as "good". "An ideal Peking-Paris rally car", he adds - though you would probably be too late for this year's epic - it starts in September.

Image and description kindly supplied by H&H Classic Auctions

Chevrolet 1936 Coupe

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