1971 CB750 K2


1971 CB750 K2 ENG. CB750E-2468576 FRAME. CB750-1108746. MILEAGE. 28748KM

Engine: Air cooled, transverse four cylinder, four stroke, SOHC, 2 valve per cylinder. Capacity: 736 Bore x Stroke: 61mm ? 63 mm Compression Ratio: 9.0:1 Induction: 4x 28mm Keihin carbs Ignition: Battery induction coil / electric Max Power: 69 hp @ 8000 rpm

Fresh rebuild with new old stock where required.

You start thinking about Honda’s CB750’s startling introduction back in ‘69 (remember who won the World Series or who took the Oscar for best actor?) and you admit now as then it was quite a package. The first four cylinder engine (in many years) for public consumption, the first disc brake equipped stock bike, the electric starter, that never before sound and the smoothness. The Mach III and the Honda Four really are responsible for this whole super-bike phenomenon upon us. Different strokes for different folks, you might say, but they were the instigators.' Cycle Guide 1972.

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1971 CB750 K2

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