Lockheed L18 Lodestar

There are currently three Lodestars in New Zealand:

ZK-BVE Lodestar, Museum of Transport and Technology, Auckland

ZK-BUY Lodestar, Gisborne

VH-XUS Lodestar, Wanaka

The RNZAF operated nine Lodestars (NZ3507-3515) in the period 1943 to
1949 as transport aircraft.

VH-XUS (c/n 2388) is a model 18-56 built for the USAAF (42-55951).
It was added to the US civil register as N17615, and subsequently went
to Mexico (XA-SAX). There it became derelict and found new use as a chicken
coop. Rescued and restored, the aircraft became N56LH and was used for
frieght work. Passed to the Wings of Yesterday Museum the aircraft again
underwent restoration (receiving a military paint scheme) before export
to Australia in 1991. The nose art 'Flew the Coop' was added to reflect
the aircraft's earlier utilisation. The aircraft was flown to New Zealand
in 1992 for the Warbirds over Wanaka airshow, but only got as far as Kaitaia
after an engine failure in mid-Tasman.

Article on XUS


Lockheed (Model 18) C-60 Lodestar

Photographed at Wanaka Transport and Toy Museum

Lockhead Lodestar

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