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Phone +61 (02) 9624 1262
International 612 9624 1262

Magneto Repairs

Service and Restoration

  • Fast service on most types
  • All units restored to "as new" condition
  • 3 years warranty on coil, 1 year on labour
  • Large stock of spares, including such hard to find parts as new pick-ups for Bosch, ML, Dixie and Splitdorf magnetos
  • Electronic regulators 2 types, 6volt and 12 volt with warranty for Lucas and Miller dynamos
  • C.O.D. Australia wide
  • International Service
  • 40 years in the trade - Vintage motorcycle enthusiast

  • Rudge Specialists

    If you are looking for Rudge information, parts or fellow Rudge enthusiasts please contact us. Peter Scott is the Rudge Enthusiast Club (UK) representative for Australia.

    Wanted: Second hand Lucas or BTH magneto parts.
    Wanted: Old model aircraft motors - particularly vintage (pre 1954) British, ie Burford aero engines. 

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