"S.S.100" Specification

The very mention of the name S.S. 100 makes the enthusiast's mouth water.  He immediately thinks of the wonderful records held by this machine on road and track.   It is the Be-all and " End-all of the motor-cyclist's dream.  I guarantee that this machine is the fastest and - with the exception ot the S.S. 80 - the quietest machine on the road.   During the last sixteen years, the S.S. 100 Brough Superior has procured and still holds the majority of British and World's Records 

Engine.  50o V Twin O.H.V. 85.5 x 85.5mm. 990 c.c. exceptionally rigid crank-shaft assembly with parallel-fitting shouldered crank pin, carried on oil-flooded 

    Frame.   The patented and original " Brough Superior loop design fitted with the patented rolling stand and fully sprung rear wheel. 

    Tank Capacity. Petrol 4 gallons; Oil 3/4 gallon. 

    Petrol Consumption.  Solo, 60 m.p.g. ; Sidecar, 50 m.p.g. 
bronze bearing on timing side, and three-row roller bearing on driving side.  Crank pin, 1 1/2in. diameter; main shaft, 1 1/2in. diameter.  Oil Consumption.  Negligible 

    Saddle Height.  27in. 

Forked conn. rod assembly with four-row roller big-end bearing; Lo-ex alloy pistons with fully floating gudgeon pins running in duralumin bushes in small ends of connecting rods. 

    Ground Clearance. 5in. 

Wheel Base.  58in. 

Enclosed valve gear, hairpin valve springs, valves automatically lubricated, dead silent valve gear and other working parts; full dry sump lubrication, twin carburetters with single control, and mammoth bearing surfaces everywhere are incorporated in this engine. 

I guarantee this " S.S. 100 ",  fully equipped, to lap Brooklands Track (approximately 3 miles) at 100 m.p.h. and 85 m.p.h. sidecar.

          Gear Ratios. Touring 6.5; Racing 8.5. 

    Compression Ratios. Touring 6.5 ; Racing 8.5. 

    Tyres.  27 x 4.00 Rear, 26 x 3.50 Front. Fort.

The Sporting Rider's Ideal !

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