“S.S. 80 Special” and “S.S.80 Deluxe”


     Despite the price at which the "S.S.80 Special" is marketed, I am prepared to guarantee the materials and workmanship throughout this machine to be identical with the remainder of the Brough Superior range, and also justify what "The Motor Cycle" said of the original S.S. 80 model : "The Rolls-Royce of Motor Cycles".  It was designed at the request of a large number of B.S. riders, who favour a reliable, silent, side-by-side valve twin, with a performance and price equal to that of the ultra-high-compression O.H.V. single. Experienced riders tell me that this "S.S. 80" is the most charming thing they have ever sat across. 

Engine.  50o "V" Twin, 990 c.c., fitted with big side valves, totally enclosed and automatically lubricated, oversize roller and ball-bearings throughout, detachable cylinder heads, and full dry-sump lubrication to all moving parts. The engine can be decarbonised in situ.
Forks.  These are specially strengthened, built to my own requirements to  withstand the arduous duties when used in conjunction with the Brough Superior.  A long, flexible single-compression spring is fitted, and dampers are integral with the construction. Castle Forks (Brough Superior patented) can be fitted as an extra. The general specification of this machine includes special Lucas electric lighting and horn equipment,


and rear wheel driven illuminated speedometer. Lodge Plugs and Licence Holder are fitted as standard to this machine, and the wheel base, saddle height and ground clearance are exactly the same as the "11.50 Special." 
     The remaining components are the world-renowned patented loop frame, original bulbous-nosed saddle tank, four-speed gearbox with foot change, twist grip carburetter and ignition control, totally enclosed primary drive, 8in. brakes, front and rear stands, ultra-large pan seat, etc., etc. 
Petrol Consumption.  60-65 m.p.g. solo, and 50-55 m.p.g. sidecar. 
Oil Consumption.  Negligible. 
Speeds.  80 m.p.h. solo, and 70 m.p.h. sidecar. 

 S.S. 80 De LuxeSpecification
(As illustrated on page 4)
The "S.S. 80 De Luxe" Specification includes the new Brough Superior Fully Spring Rear Wheel, Bottom Link Type Front Forks, Patented Rolling Stand, Built-in Pillion footrests, Aluminium Number Plates and Specially Selected Engine. 
     The "S.S. 80"  is positively the quietest motor cycle on the road. The way it eats up the mileage with absolute absence of effort makes long journeys a thrill and a pleasure.
Still a year and a half ahead!

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