"11.50 Special" Specification

This machine is specially built for the "tough guys" of the motor-cycling game, and for overseas riders requirements the " 11.50 Special " can be obtained in Colonial form with long rear-swept handlebars, twist-grip controls, foot-boards, foot-clutch if necessary, and foot-change.  This machine is extensively used by Police Constabularies in all parts of the World. 

Engine.  60o "V" Twin, 85 x 99, exceptionally large bearings throughout ;  pistons of a special alloy, detachable cylinder heads which are highly polished, including the ports.  Full dry-sump lubrication is incorporated to all moving parts, lubricated by oil under pressure, including valves, tappets and guides.  This engine can be decarbonised quite easily 
in situ.  The exhaust system comprises two heavily chromium-plated pipes of large diameter, leading in to a cylindrical baffled silencer.  Mechanical silence and exhaust note is very quiet and pleasing. 
Frame.  This is the patented and original Brough Superior Loop Design, and the rear wheel is fully sprung to give the very acme of motor-cycling luxury.  All fittings on the Brough Superior Frame are brazed on, part and parcel, there being no loose clips or lugs.  A rolling stand, by means of which the machine can be lifted clear of the ground in an effortless manner, is also incorporated. 
Forks.  These are the special patented bottom link type recommended for sidecar work ; large central compression spring and four shock absorbers operated by a single wing nut.  This fork is very sweet in action, and helps considerably towards giving that feeling of confidence, with the wheels glued to the road, for which the "Brough Superior" machine is so well known.  The patented "Castle" Forks are specially recommended for perfect solo riding and can be fitted to instructions as an extra.  The steering with this latter fork is too well known to be commented upon. 
Carburetter.  A specially designed Amal Carburetter is used.  It has a large single float and mixing chamber.  It helps to ensure very easy starting and terrific acceleration with a very high all-out speed.

Gearbox.  This component is pivotal mounted and has four speeds (three close ratios with a low bottom), and positive foot change.  The kick-starter pedal is extra long to ensure easy staring in exceptionally cold weather.  Gear ratios are 4.2, 4.83, 6.13 and 10.5. 
Tank.  This is the world-renowned and much-copied original bulbous-nosed saddle tank, heavily chromium-plated with a black top panel edged with a fine gold-leaf line.  It holds four gallons of petrol, and is fitted with two large filler caps, easy in operation and conveniently placed for refilling; two level petrol taps, and very comfortable and conveniently placed knee-grips.  The oil tank is separate and is fitted behind the saddle tube and holds six pints of oil. 
Handlebars.  The standard bar gives a very comfortable and natural riding position, and is appreciated for long-distance touring.  It is set up slightly from the lug, but is not of the "sit-up-and-beg" type.  A sports handlebar, as illustrated, can be fitted to order. 
Chain Cases.  A very strong cast aluminium oil-bath chain case is used for the primary chain, and the top and bottom runs of the rear chain are effectively covered.  Chains employed are 1/2in. x .305in. front, and 5/8in. x 3/8in. rear  -- double-strength Renold. 
Wheels and Brakes.  Wheels are fitted with 7 gauge butted spokes throughout, journal ball-bearings, and very effective 8in. Brakes, coupled with instantaneous brake adjustment, 27 x 4.00 rear tyre, and 26 x 3.50 front tyre.  Dunlop "Fort" tyres are standard. 
Saddle.  A really comfortable 18in. wide pan seat, giving armchair comfort, is fitted as standard. 
General.  Very effective and strong mudguards are fitted as standard; mudguard stays, lamp brackets, cable tube carrier, are all made of strong round section tubing.  Lodge Plugs.  Saddle height, 26in.  Ground clearance, 5 1/2in.  Wheel Base, 57in.  Petrol consumption, 65 m.p.g. solo and 50 m.p.g. sidecar.  The machine is capable of 80-85 m.p.h. solo, and 65-70 m.p.h. with large touring sidecar.
Power  -  out-powered!  -
The machine chosen by the Australian and Canadian Mounted Police

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