The Brough Superior "Dream" Specification

This machine has been designed by the world's most enthusiastic Designer-Manufacturer-Rider in collaboration with other famous Internal Combustion Engine Experts. 

It is Brough Superior manufactured throughout, and its ultra-ideal specification has cost thousands of pounds to successfully achieve the results aimed at, and its selling price by no means represents the true value of the machine. 

Engine.  Four Cylinders : Bore 71mm., Stroke 63mm. -996 c.c. - compression ratio 6.5 to 1.  The Cylinders are arranged doubly opposed transversely in the Frame (one Cylinder above the other on each side.)  With this arrangement all the Cylinders are equally cooled, and the Exhausts, which face forward, give an uninterrupted stream of air cooling them in a manner impossible to achieve with any other arrangement.  The Cylinders and Heads are not shielded from the air by the front mudguard as with other machines.  The Cylinder Block is aluminium carrying Liners of special wear-resisting material, and each pair of Cylinders (upper and lower) has its own crankshaft.  They are coupled together with wide-faced Gears, the teeth of which are ground.  The Crankshafts are each in two parts, the driving side member having the crankpin and driving side journal integral.

The Main Bearings are bronze, and capable of great endurance.  The crankshaft arrangement permits the use of bearings of generous proportions, and the connecting rods are of light alloy, operating direct upon the crankpin in accordance with the latest racing practice.  There are two camshafts chain-driven to give silent operation, and the Cams operate mushroom tappets and have a gradual take-up of tappet clearance to give quiet running.  The whole of the Valve gear is totally enclosed. 

Frame.  This is specially designed to accommodate this type of engine, being welded together instead of the usual practice of brazing lugs.  This Frame also comprises of the famous Fully Sprung Rear Wheel which is fitted as standard on other Brough Superior models. 

Forks.  The Brough Superior - formerly known as the "Castle" - type of Fork is fitted as standard on this machine. 

General.  The remaining specification, such as bulbous-nosed tank and its capacity, saddle height, ground clearance and wheel base, etc., is practically identical to that of my standard machines. 
The "Dream" can be supplied with 3- or 4-speed Gear Box, and the final drive is by silent, underslung worm ! 
The rear wheel and all driving mechanism can be detached from the machine in two minutes.

The Engineer's last word!

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