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Children of the Earth and Sky: Five Stories About Native American Children
Children of the Earth and Sky: Five Stories About Native American Children
by Stephen Krensky
Paperback from Scholastic Trade
ISBN: 0590428535

From pottery makers to fierce warriors, readers will discover the traditions of five different tribes--Hopi, Comanche, Mohican, Navajo, and Mandan--in these tales of Native American children. Full-color illustrations.

Hobomok and Other Writings on Indians (American Women Writers Series)
Hobomok and Other Writings on Indians (American Women Writers Series)
by Lydia Maria Child
Paperback from Rutgers University Press
ISBN: 081351164X
Favorite North American Indian Legends (Dover Children s Thrift Classics)
Favorite North American Indian Legends (Dover Children's Thrift Classics)

Paperback from Dover Publications
ISBN: 0486278220
Charming stories -- brimming with humor, whimsy, and imagination -- include an Algonquin tale of how Glooskap conquered the Great Bull-Frog; "The Meeting of the Wild Animals," a Tsimshian myth recounting how all the animals came to fear the porcupine; "The Man Who Married the Moon" a Pueblo story; others. 6 full-page illustrations.

North American Indian (DK Eyewitness Books)
North American Indian (DK Eyewitness Books)
by David S. Murdoch
Hardcover from DK CHILDREN
ISBN: 0756610818
North American Indian Tales (Dover Children s Thrift Classics)
North American Indian Tales (Dover Children's Thrift Classics)
by W. T. Larned
Paperback from Dover Publications
ISBN: 0486296563
Charming collection of 7 authentic Indian tales told by Iagoo the storyteller. Includes "The Little Boy and Girl in the Clouds," "The Child of the Evening Star," "The Boy Who Snared the Sun," "How the Summer Came," "Grasshopper," and 3 others. 29 new illustrations.
North American Indians (Pictureback(R))
North American Indians (Pictureback(R))
by Douglas Gorsline
Paperback from Random House Books for Young Readers
Media Published: 1978-04-12
ISBN: 0394837029

Illus. in full color. Describes more than a dozen American Indian tribes.
The Apaches
The Apaches (Sneve, Virginia Driving Hawk. First Americans Book.)
by Ronald Himler, Virginia Driving Hawk Sneve
from Holiday House
ISBN: 0823412873

The Button Blanket : An Activity Book Ages 6-10 (Northwest Coast Indian Discovery Kits)
Nan McNutt, Illustrations by Yasu Osawa/Northwest Coast Art
by Nancy Dawson
Paperback 1997

Helen Cordero and the Storytellers of the Cochiti Pueblo (A Closer Look Activity Book)
Nancy Shroyer Howard
Book Description:
Native American artist Helen Cordero (1915-) is best known for her remarkable clay Storytellers--figures of mothers, fathers, grandmothers, and grandfathers covered with tumbling children. Get to know her work, and that of other artists from the Cochiti Pueblo in New Mexico. Unique activities encourage kids to use their imagination to enter the New Mexican pueblo, to explore the details of the sculptures, to think like an artist, and to develop their own creative ideas. They'll enjoy traditional Cochiti legends, draw pictures with characteristic designs, and even make their own Storytellers. 48 pages (all in color), 8 1/2 x 10.
Hardcover: Publisher: Davis; (December ) 
ISBN: 0871922959 

Kaya and the River Girl (The American Girls Collection: Kaya Stories)
by Bill Farnsworth (Illustrator), et al

The First Americans: Prehistory to 1600 (History of U.S., Book 1)
by Joy Hakim

Island of the Blue Dolphins
by Ted Lewin (Illustrator), Scott O'Dell (Author)
(Hardcover - October 1990)

The Boy and the Dog Are Sleeping
by Nasdijj

Meet Naiche: A Native Boy from the Chesapeake Bay Area (My World-Young Native Americans Today Series)
by Gabrielle Tayac, John Harrington (Photographer)

Northwest Animal Babies
Photographs by Art Wolfe, Written by Andrea Helman

O Is for Orca: A Pacific Northwest Alphabet Book
Photographs by Art Wolfe/Text by Andrea Helman

Pocahontas : Young Peacemaker
by Leslie Gourse, Meryl Henderson
Listed under Pocahontas (Children's Books)

Raven: A Trickster Tale from the Pacific Northwest
by Gerald McDermott (Author)
(School & Library Binding - April 1993)

Totem Pole
Diane Hoyt-Goldsmith, Lawrence Migdale (photographer)



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