Classic Motorcycle Memorabilia
Classic Motorcycle Memorabilia


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  • Name Of Set: Motor Cycles 
  • Manufacturer: Lambert and Butler 
  • Issue Year: 1923 
  • Number in Set: 50 
  • Card Titles: AJS Passenger Combination, Allon, American X, Ariel, BAT, Beardmore-Precision, Bradbury, Brough Superior, BSA, Cedos, Chater-Lea, Clyno, Coventry-Eagle, Coventry Victor Super-Six, Diamond, Douglas, Dunelt, Excelsior, FN, Harley Davidson, Hawker, Henderson, Humber, Indian Super-Chief, Ivy, James, Lea-Francis, Levis, Martinsyde, Matchless, Ner-A-Car, New-Hudson, New Imperial, Norton Big Four, NUT, OK Junior, Omega, P & M, Quadrant, Raleigh, Rex-Acme, Rover, Royal Enfield, Rudge-Multi, Scott Squirrel, TT Sunbeam, Triumph, Velocette, Wooler, Zenith Super-Eight. 
There is also a set from 1926 (not illustrated):
  • Name Of Set: Motor Cycles (NZ) 
  • Manufacturer: WD and HO Wills 
  • Issue Year: 1926 
  • Number in Set: 50 
  • Card Titles: A.J.S., Brough Superior, BSA, Calthorpe,Cedos, Cotton, Carfield, Coventry Eagle, Coventry Victor, Douglas Dunelt, Grindlay, P & M, Ner-A-Car, Chater-Lea, Quadrant, Montgomery, AJR, Excelsior, James, Bradbury, Raleigh, Scott, Rex-ACME, Triumph,Connaught, Zenith, Velocette, New Imperial, Sun, Humber, Ariel, HRD, Matchless,  OK, New Hudson, New Gerrard, Rover, Royal  Enfield, NUT, OEC, Rudge, Diamond, Sunbeam, Norton, Radco, Francis-Barnett, Levis, Omega, Ivy. 

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