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Foran Exhausts

Moto Guzzi Le Mans Special. 

A few years ago I built a Guzzi special based on a Le Mans 1 chassis. The motor had German KCS 4 valve heads and matching 1000cc barrels with 11:1 compression pistons, and breathed through a pair of enormous 44mm magnesium bodied Bings. 

I had already tried two different exhausts, both of which had proved unsatisfactory, so when I fitted the Foran I was somewhat dubious as it was a two into one system, a configuration with which I had not had great success on previous Guzzi 8 valve projects. 

It bolted up perfectly and certainly looked the part, with lines reminiscent of the Dr John system but much simpler and cleaner in design. When we fired it up - good grief - this thing is loud. However, we persevered, checked the jetting, and I took it for a short test ride. I came back grinning from ear to ear - it was perfect - no flat spots, no backfiring, and although rather loud it had the most delightful sound I had ever heard on a Guzzi - in fact, the nicest note I'd heard on any motorcycle. 

The same stainless steel exhaust system is still on the bike several years and two or three owners later.