1946 Indian Chief 1200
Engine Number: CDF1728 Frame Number: Correct
$38,000 - $48,000

The now-legendary V-twin 1946 Indian Chief motorcycle emerged as Indian’s flagship model after World War II. Considered by many as the ultimate expression, this iconic design relegated the American company’s four-cylinder and smaller V-twin models to history. Similar to pre-war big Indians, the 1946 Indian Chief engine remained a 74-cubic-inch flathead and tank graphics were unchanged. As always, ‘Indian Red’ was a popular colour choice, though others, including two-tones, were available. New for the 1946 Indian Chief motorcycle, however, were girder-style could-spring forks adapted from Indian’s radical 841 model that had been designed for desert use by the US military during the war. These new forks provided a full five inches of wheel travel versus the meagre two inches allowed by the previous leaf-spring design. Though the rear still featured the same plunger-type suspension, spring rates were softened. These changes resulted in an even-smoother ride than before: a notable selling feature of the post-war models. This ’46 Chief was restored approximately 18 years ago. Recently imported and prepared for sale, this machine is in good running order.

Auction March 2013
Image and text courtesy Webbs Auction House NZ
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