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An evolution of its B2 and B10 predecessors, the B12 was introduced in October 1925. Available with a diverse choice of all-steel bodywork (made to Budd patents), its uprated, quarter-elliptic leaf sprung chassis featured worm and roller steering, rear shock absorbers and four-wheel drum brakes. Powered by a willing 1452cc four-cylinder sidevalve engine mated to a three-speed manual gearbox, the B12 was quick to establish a reputation for durability and economy. In production for less than two years, surviving examples are an understandably scarce sight today.

Finished in honey beige over chocolate with brown upholstery, DS 6686 was restored in 1998 by J. Diplock of Sevenoaks (Kent). As a rare commercial variant, its tail section hinges down which together with a removable rear bench seat allows it to be transformed into a French style pick-up. Described by the vendor as being in "good" condition with regard to its engine, gearbox, electrical equipment, interior trim, bodywork and paintwork, this characterful left-hand drive B12 is understood to have attended a number of classic car shows. Benefiting from comprehensive weather gear (both the hood and sidescreens are said to be in decent order), its front direction indicators are housed in a pair of striking Paris opera lamps

Image and description kindly supplied by H&H Classic Auctions

Citroen 1925 B12 Torpedo Tourer

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