1968 Honda CL350


1968 Honda CL350

Estimate: (£) 1,000 - 1,500

Reg Number: Un-Reg
Frame Number: CL3501001242
Engine Number: CL351001242
Body Colour: Blue / White
Cc: 350
MOT ExpiryDate: None
Mr Honda's late sixties CL 350 was a useful looking traily type machine, even if it's overall off road potential was somewhat limited compared to similarly marketed, but more capable bikes, the later XL250 as an example. It's main problems being ground clearance and a lack of grunt, the bike was what most American riders needed, a road bike; what they wanted, and got, was one that looked like a dirt bike but was actually a roadster. This is borne out by the amount of standard road equipment fitted, indicators, mirrors even a hook to hang your helmet on, but clever details like braced bars and the lovely curved chrome high pipes undeniably gave it 'the look'. ''Big, bold, beautiful and boss'' said the adverts, and it still is.

This rare and desirable CL 350, one from the first year of production,1968, is easily identified by it's correct combined silencer with matt black heat shield, as opposed to later models with separate chrome units. It is an unregistered european import in substantially complete, original condition in it's correct blue/white livery and reported to be all good, run and have working electrics. Although obviously needing work it is entered at low reserve and will enable a keen enthusiast to obtain and restore a Japanese classic which will no doubt justify all the expense and effort required.

Image and description kindly supplied by H&H Classic Auctions

1968 Honda CL350

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