Honda Cub 50 1970


1970 Honda Cub 50
Manufactured continuously since 1958, the Cub 50 is the best-selling motor vehicle in the history of mankind. Honda has sold so many of these definitive mopeds – more than 60,000,000 have been manufactured worldwide – that the company has quite literally stopped counting them. Delivering the holy grail in basic economic transport, the Cub 50 is iconic in its simplicity and commitment to a ‘for the people’ design philosophy. The C50 has had a profound, albeit unlikely, impact on late-20th-century development. With its nanna modernist design incorporating plastic bodywork which is easily bent straight and its simple and seemingly indestructible and wildly Scottish/economical four-stroke engine (+100mpg), the Cub is design genius – every home should have one.

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Honda Cub 50 1970

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