1971 Honda CB 500F K1


1971 Honda CB 500F K1 ENG. CB500E-2185312 FRAME. CB500-1041567. MILEAGE 10900KM

Having established four-cylinder credentials with the CB750, Honda undertook the tricky business of making the layout work as effectively in smaller engine sizes. The second type of Honda Four, the CB500 Four was intended to be a more elegant sports bike for the mature rider, which still retained the essence of the original CB750. The compact CB500 Four K1 immediately impressed with its smooth power delivery and smart-casual two-tone colour scheme. Of course the power unit with its upright bank of cylinders also appealed to the organised man. With a top speed of over 175kph and a competitive price, the CB 500 Four attracted a new breed of modern rider much to the chagrin of the previous generation.

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1971 Honda CB 500F K1

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