1978 HONDA CBX 1000


1978 HONDA CBX 1000 ENG. CB1-20008908 FRAME.CBI-20008908

1978: John Rowles was voted New Zealand’s top vocalist and ‘Hello Sailor’ our best band. The first-ever Cellular Mobile Phone was introduced in Illinois and Space Invaders appeared in arcades launching a craze for computer video games aka ‘Spacies’. Sweden was the first country in the world to recognise the effect of aerosol sprays on the ozone layer and banned their sale. The serial killer David Berkowitz, ‘Son of Sam’, was convicted of murder after terrorising New York for 12 months.

1978 was also a great year for muscle bikes with the introduction of the CBX 1000 which, among other things, dispelled any concerns the public may have had about the motorcycle industry succumbing the environmental ‘paranoia’ of the day. Fast, stable and advanced, the CBX was Honda’s hairy-chested mothership capable of catapulting you and whoever was mad enough to jump on the back of the spacious aft-quarter, across to the wrong side of 210kph.

This immaculate example celebrates the pinnacle of naked muscle bike design. Fresh rebuild with new old stock where required.

Image and text courtesy Webbs Auctions
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1978 HONDA CBX 1000

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