1987 Honda VF1000R


1987 Honda VF1000R Eng. SC16E 2104001 FRAME. HMXSC162100880X MILEAGE 87425

When pondering which motorcycles will be considered classic examples of the 1980s period, it is not difficult to rely, with some relief, on the VF100R series. With smaller displacement versions of Honda’s innovative V4 engine that dominated sports-riding worldwide at the time, and a racing offshoot winning race after race, experienced riders were demanding more and more. The birth of the Honda VF1000R was almost a foregone conclusion. Much of the quality workmanship and engineering that went into the production of Honda’s flagship performance bike really had not been seen before in mass production, making this one truly unique machine in its day.

The power comes from this compact, liquid-cooled 90-degree V4 engine sporting accurate, gear-driven double-overhead camshafts and packing a thunderous +125hp. Usually seen only on high-performance racing machines, the gear-driven camshafts run quietly and greatly reduce power loss. Offering unprecedented combustion efficiency, a 10.5:1 compression ratio is employed and, to overcome engine-damaging detonation, a special combustion chamber and squish area was designed to give optimum higher combustion speed and boost power.

The innovative one-way clutch, developed in racing, uses a unique mechanism that greatly smooths shifting, reduces back load and improves performance. In keeping with the ultimate sports image of the VF1000R, it has the ultimate suspension combination and handling, even under the most spirited riding, is impeccable. Braking is in the capable hands of dual-floating front discs with dual-piston callipers and a single ventilated rear, all with sintered pads.

Other features such as the endurance racer-style twin headlights, adjustable clutch and front brake levers, full carbon-fibre racing fairing and solo seat cowl made the R very desirable. Its strap-line was “Exploring the Outer Limits” and the VF100R didn’t explore them, it created them.

This is a great example of a true modern classic.

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1987 Honda VF1000R

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