Kawasaki 1974 S1B 250cc Triple


Model: S1B Year: 1974 Owner: Kelleher Family
Released as the S1 in 1971, in 1976 it became the KH250-A and KH250-B and was finally dropped in 1980. The motor had a bore and stroke of 45x52mm, a capacity of 249.5cc, compression ration of 7.3:1, and produced 32 bhp at 8000 rpm (in 1973, 28 bhp at 7500 rpm). Its dry weight of 330 lbs was driven through five speed gear box. By 1978 dry weight had increased to 353 lbs.

Photograph taken at the National Motorcycle Museum of Australia

Image courtesy Mike Kelley, Chapter President, Maryland VRA

Kawasaki 1974 S1B 250cc Triple

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