1971 Suzuki T500 Rob North Special


1971 Suzuki T500 Rob North Special
$15,000 - $25,000

The Only One

During the ’60s and ’70s, Rob North built high-performance frames for BSA and Triumph triples which carried some of the more heroic factory machines of the day to legendary victories. You’ll be pleased to know that Rob North is still producing period-correct super bikes out of California. Rob recently recalled his dealings with New Zealander Dale Wylie (a great New Zealand pilot who won the International Marlboro Series in 1973) who travelled to England and returned with the only Suzuki twin frame Rob North ever built. In fact, the only other engines (other than British triples) with which Rob worked with were a Honda 400cc which was bored out to 500cc (ridden by Alan Nash) and a Honda 900. Over his career, Rob has completed 91 triple frames, two Honda frames and one Suzuki twin frame which is now presented here. The original Suzuki motor had blown up and was replaced by the current period correct powerplant that was rebuilt by the current owner who, in his own right, is considered to be a very talented engineer. The tank and tail piece were completed by Steve Roberts, another talented Kiwi working in his chosen field. This machine is a wonderful example of the work of a true innovator in his field of passion. The fact that it is the only one of its type built by Rob North and that it contributed to Dale Wylie’s success as a world-class and naturally talented racer makes this a true collector’s piece for both the New Zealand and the international bike aficionado.

Auction March 2013
Image and text courtesy Webbs Auction House NZ
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1971 Suzuki T500 Rob North Special

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