1978 Yamaha DT125MX


1978 Yamaha DT125MX

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Estimate: (£) 2,500 - 3,500

Reg Number: NFC248S
Frame Number: 2A6-015002
Engine Number: 2A6-015002
Body Colour: Yellow
Cc: 125
MOT ExpiryDate: None
Created by the Yamaha Motor Corp. in the mid-sixties, in response to research indicating a potential demand for off road motorcycles, the new DT-1 model quickly sold out it's first production run of some 12,000 units, defining a mass market for a new type of machine soon to be christened the Trail Bike. The DT (Dirt Track?) series of machines rapidly expanded to satisfy this untapped market and before the opposition woke up Yamaha were well established offering bikes with capacities ranging from 50 - 400cc. Although the smaller bikes were little more than sports mopeds the larger engined models were well enough equipped to satisfy the needs of the American dirt rider. Long suspension travel, high ground clearance, rugged construction, knobbly tyres and free revving, relatively pokey performance ensured that trail bikes would help Yamaha and the other big manufacturers weather the downturn in motorcycle sales during this period.

This super example of the DT125 is from a private collection of off road competition machines and looks to be in mostly very good cosmetic condition, not apparently having had a hard life. The classic yellow and black paintwork sets off it's purposeful lines perfectly. It is easy to see why these machines, as with similar examples from the period by Honda, Suzuki etc., are so sought after to this day and command ever increasing prices for the best models. This 1978 DT125cc.MX, entered at a reasonable reserve will surely find a delighted new owner at today's sale.

Image and description kindly supplied by H&H Classic Auctions

1978 Yamaha DT125MX

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