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Great Car and Boat Rentals - Luxury Sports Car Rentals in Melbourne Australia

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Other operations by Ray Evans included, a site offering the use exotic cars for a $25,000+ membership fee, and based in Victoria Harbour, Docklands, a clone of his former car and boat hire operations.

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Worrells, Liquidators of Great Cars Group

Ray Evans secretary: Carol Williams

Raymond John Evans
Drivers Licence:
Phone: 1300 889 594

Company Information Evans has had around 60 companies, of which some 20 or 30 have become insolvent. Many more have undergone name changes and other manipulations of the system.
Property: 1 John St Clifton Hill (sold)
Possibly another in Armidale, Melbourne
Creditors List of major creditors is quite long. Amount involved is at least AUD$4m, possible more than twice that.

"I'll tell you something, car rental guys don't get killed that much." Al Pacino, Carlito's Way.
August 2005
subject: Great car and Boat Rentals

message: Hi, 
In regards to Great Boat and Car Rentals information on
I too have heard about the Scam GBCR had going on. And its important your messge is recieved by the public. However, GBCR no longer exist at that location. You seem to pin point the business location as the Crn of Swan and Punt Rd in Richmond Vic, but a new business exists there known as Exotic Car Rentals. Exotic Car Rentals have absolutely no assosiation with GBCR. People reading this may familiarise themselves with the previous location of GBCR but may be oblivious to the new business there today. I have not had any assosiation with GBCR but think it is unfair that Exotic Car rentals (who have treated me extremely well) in this same location may be descriminated against unfairly due to 'missinterpretation'. 

Kind Regards
Fellow listener

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