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Triangular pastry pockets filled with lightly spiced meat or vegetables
Vegetable  $2.00
Meat $2.00
Onion Pakora
Onion, shallots and spices rolled in besan flour & lightly deep fried.
90c each or 5 for $4.00

From the blistering heat of the Tandoor, all served with Mint Sauce.

Tandoori Chicken
Roasted chicken on the bone. Marinated in yoghurt and spices.
Quarter $3.90
Half $6.90
Whole $11.90
Tikka chicken
Roasted chicken fillets marinated in yoghurt & spices - delicious!
3 pieces $5.40
6 pieces $9.90
Tandoori Lamb Cutlets
Tender lamb cutlets marinated in yoghurt & spices - a speciality!
3 pieces $6.90
6 pieces $12.90
Seekh Kebab
Spicy mint minced lamb roasted in the tandoor.
3 pieces $4.90
6 pieces $8.90
Garlic Prawns
Succulent king prawns marinated in garlic, yoghurt  & spices and barbecued in the blazing fire of the tandoor.
4 pieces  $7.90
6 pieces $10.90
Tandoori Octopus
Juicy baby octopus marinated in garlic, chilli, ginger & black pepper and charred in the tandoor.
4 pieces $4.90
8 pieces $8.90
Tandoori Box
2 cutlets, 4 tikka, 4 seekh kebab.

"All Curries Are Served With 1st Grade Basmati Rice."

 Chicken Curries

Butter Chicken Masala
Marinated chicken fillets roasted in the tandoor & served with a rich creamy sauce
Chicken Do Piazza
Fillets of chicken pan-fried with onions, tomatoes, capsicums & spices - beautiful!
Mango Chicken
Prepared with mango pulp. this is an East African off-the-bone curry.
Chicken Saag
Chicken fillets blended with chopped spinach & pan-fried with fresh herbs & spices.
Chicken Korma
Chicken fillets curried in a creamy cashew nut sauce.
Tikka Chicken Masala
Marinated chicken fillets, half-cooked in the tandoor, then pan-fried with onions, capsicum, shallots & selected herbs & spices. The chef's favourite.
Chicken Vindaloo (med or hot)
Chicken fillets combined with a touch of vinegar & special tangy spices from Goa. An exceptional curry.

Lamb Curries

Lamb Korma
Succulent diced lamb prepared with yoghurt & spices in a creamy cashew nut sauce.
Lamb Rogan Josh
Diced trim lamb cooked with fresh herbs, tomatoes, onions & rich kashmiri spices.
Lamb Saag
Tender cubes of lamb blended with chopped spinach, herbs & spices and a touch of coconut milk.
Lamb Madras
Medium lamb curry with classic South Indian spices & coconut cream.
The Bay Lamb Curry
Our Chef's special lamb curry with garden fresh vegetables.

Beef Curries

Beef Madras
Chunks of tender beef blended with coconut milk & selected South Indian spices.
Beef Vindaloo (med or hot)
Cubed beef marinated in special tangy spices makes this the classic curry from Goa.
Beef Dhansak
Lean diced beef curried with Dhall, fresh tomatoes, corriander & spices.
Rose Bay Beef
Hurry Curry's own beef curry with mixed seasonal vegetables & Chef's special sauce.

Seafood Curries

Coconut Fish Curry
Fresh fish fillets pan-fried & combined with ground coconut, dry chillis, tomato, curry leaves & selected spices.
Prawn Do Piazza
The Chef's own exotic prawn curry & specialty of the house.

Vegetarian Dishes

Lentils gently cooked with exotic & aromatic spices.
Palak Paneer
Handmade cheese cooked in a creamy spinach sauce.
Vegetable Curry
Mixed seasonal vegetables makes this a classic curry.
Aloo Muttar
A spicy potato curry with peas, onion & tomato.
Aloo Eggplant
Potatoes, eggplant & capsicum curried in exotic herbs & spices.
Saag Aloo
English spinach & potatoes curried in an onion gravy.
Pumpkin Curry
Chunks of country fresh pumpkin curried in a spicy sauce of mustard seeds, shallots & coriander.
Vegetable Korma
Seasonal vegetables in a creamy cashew nut sauce with mild spices.
Malai Kofta
Balls of fetta cheese & potato lightly deep fried & curried in a creamy coconut sauce with fresh herbs & special spices. Delicious.
Vegetable Vindaloo
Garden fresh vegetables curried with a hot chilli paste & tangy spices.

Naan Bread

Delicious soft flat bread baked in the searing heat of the tandoor.
Plain $2.00
Garlic $2.50
Cheese  $2.90
Potato $2.90
Fruit & Nut  $2.90
Roti (Wholemeal) $2.20

Side Dishes

Basmati Rice Basmati Rice Basmati Rice Basmati Rice  reg $1.90
lge $2.90
Pappadams 4 for  $2.00
Mint & Yoghurt small $1.00
  regular $2.00
Cucumber & Yoghurt regular
Tomato & Yoghurt
Banana & Yoghurt
Mango Chutney $2.00
Mango Pickle $2.00
Lime Pickle $2.00


Mango Kulfi
Homemade Indian ice-cream    $1.90
Gulab Jarmun
Dumplings of full cream milk deep fried & soaked in syrup. $1.30


Mango Lassi Mango Lassi Mango Lassi Mango Lassi Mango  $2.50
Soft Drinks 300ml $1.50
1.25l $2.90
Spring Water 500ml  $1.90
1.5l  $3.00


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