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Eldorado and V7 California Police
850 Eldorado

Title Page
Page 4
Specifications page 5
Specs page 6
Plates Index page
Page 8 Numerical index
Page 9 Numerical index
Page 10 Numerical index
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1973 V7 Eldorado
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Plate 1 Heads and Barrells (75k)
Plate 2 Cases, Sump, Timing Cover (87k)
Plate 3 Crank, Pistons, Flywheel and Timing Gears (72k)
Plate 4 Oil Pump, Breathers (70k)
Plate 5 Fueltank, Exhaust, Fueltaps (57k)
Plate 6 Carbs, Airfilter, Throttle Cables (70k)
Plate 7 Clutch, flywheel, Clutch Cable, clutch pushrod (60k)
Plate 8 Gearbox housing and bearings (112k)
Plate 9 Gearbox internals, Gearlever (98k)
Plate 10 Diff, Unijoint, Swingarm (82k)
Plate 11 Frame, Seat, Shocks, Rear Guard
Plate 12 Forks, Front Guard
Plate 13 Handlebars, Levers
Plate 14 Instruments, speedo & tacho cables
Plate 15 Front Wheel, brake cable
Plate 16 Rear Wheel, brakepedal
Plate 17 Electrics: Distributor, Coil, Ignition switch, Regulator
Plate 18 Headlight and Tail Light (see also Plate 50), Wiring, Sidecovers
Plate 19 Panniers
Plate 20 Fairing
Plate 21 Indicators
Plate 22 Tools, Gaskets, Sealkits

Police California

Plates 1,5,7,8,9 Exhaust, Tank, Gearlever etc
Plate 11 Frame, Seat, Footboards etc
Plates 12,13 Front Guard, Handlebars etc
Plates 14 - 17 Instruments, Gearlever
Plate 18 Wiring, sidecover

Additional Plates

Plate 50 Headlight, Tail Light
Plate 51 Starter Motor (126k)
Plate 52 Generator (72k)
Plate 53 Distributor (83k)
Plate 54 Carbs

Police California with Disc Brake

Pages 95-98 Forks, Front Guard, Controls
Page 99 Front wheel and Disc
Page 100 Parts Listing

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