Brembo Oro brake discs and complete kits, different versions, ready for mounting.

The optimum brake guaranteeing maximum safety at all times relies on the brake discs. These discs are designed to dissipate the heat caused by the friction of the brake pads as quickly as possible, in order to keep it away from pads, caliper and brake fluid. All over the world, floating Brembo Oro series brake discs have proven their excellent efficiency in tests and racing over the years. These cast iron brake discs have an extremely hard surface and provide considerably better heat dissipation than usual brake discs. The floating mount of the disc guarantees perfect contact of the pads when braking and thus provides optimum deceleration. 

These excellent brake discs are available for all Guzzi models and can be combined with 4 piston calipers!

Brembo Goldline Discs

Single Oro - Brake Discs, e.g.,:
18 DU 0030 brake disc Oro Daytona, 300mm, floating
18 DU 0032 brake disc Oro 1100 Sport, 320mm, floating 
0847 5562 280mm Oro brake disc, floating e.g. LM 4
0847 5570 300mm Oro brake disc, floating e.g. LM1-3, Cal.2, T3, ...
0847 5580 320mm Oro brake disc, floating (for racing)
0808 GU 30 adaptor for mounting Oro - brake disc on LM1-3 mag wheel
(not necessary for spoked wheels) 
adaptor for mounting 4 piston caliper on Moto Guzzi (brake disc 300mm)
2044 9312 adaptor left
2044 9312 adaptor right
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STEIN-DINSE Australia 
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