Fuel Economy Calculator

Fuel Economy Calculator
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Conversion Table 

Based on 1 Imperial gallon = 4.55 litres and 1 mile = 1.61 kilometres
Conversion Type Formula
mpg to km/ltr km/ltr = mpg X 0.3538461
mpg to litres/100km ltr/100km = 282.608/mpg
km/ltr to mpg mpg = km/ltr X 2.8260873
km/ltr to ltr/100km ltr/100km = 100/(km/ltr))
ltr/100km to mpg mpg = 282.608/(ltr/100km)
ltr/100km to km/ltr km/ltr = 100/(ltr/100km)

Information base on formula found at http://www.hicloneqld.com/data.htm

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