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Understanding Health Policy
by Thomas S., MD Bodenheimer, Thomas S. Bodenheimer, Kevin Grumbach
Paperback from McGraw-Hill/Appleton & Lange
Health Economics and Policy
by James W. Henderson
Hardcover from South-Western College Pub

Special Order
Risk Analysis: Foundations, Models, and Methods (International Series in Operations Research & Management Science, 45)
by Louis Anthony Cox
Hardcover from Kluwer Academic Publishers
International Public Health : Diseases, Programs, Systems, and Policies
by Michael H. Merson, Robert E. Black, Anne J. Mills
Hardcover from Jones & Bartlett Pub
Changing the U.S. Health Care System : Key Issues in Health Services Policy and Management
by Ronald M. Andersen, Thomas H. Rice, Gerald F. Kominski
Hardcover from Jossey-Bass
Essentials of Health Services
by Stephen J. Williams
Paperback from Delmar Learning
Epidemic of Care
by George C. Halvorson, George J. Isham
Hardcover from Jossey-Bass
Market-Driven Healthcare: Who Wins, Who Loses in the Transformation of America's Largest Service Industry
by Regina E. Herzlinger
Paperback from Perseus Book Group
Betrayal of Trust: The Collapse of Global Public Health
by Laurie Garrett
Paperback from Hyperion 
Social and Behavioral Foundations of Public Health
by J. Neil Henderson, Jeannine Coreil, Carol Bryant
Hardcover from Sage Publications
Food Politics: How the Food Industry Influences Nutrition and Health (California Studies in Food and Culture)
by Marion Nestle
Hardcover from University of California Press
Your Money or Your Life: Strong Medicine for America's Health Care System
by David M. Cutler
Hardcover from Oxford University Press
Changing Patient Behavior: Improving Outcomes in Health and Disease Management
by Richard Patterson
Hardcover from Jossey-Bass
Health Care Reform in Sweden, 1980-1994
by Andrew C. Twaddle
Hardcover from Auburn House
Social Determinants of Health
by M. G. Marmot, Richard G. Wilkinson
Paperback from Oxford University Press
Pharmaceutical Economics and Policy
by Stuart O. Schweitzer
Hardcover from Oxford University Press

Special Order
The Pursuit of Perfection : The Promise and Perils of Medical Enhancement
by Sheila Rothman, David Rothman
Hardcover from Pantheon Books
Governing Health: The Politics of Health Policy
by Carol S. Weissert, William G. Weissert
Paperback from Johns Hopkins Univ Pr
Oxymorons: The Myth of a U.S. Health Care System
by J. D. Kleinke
Hardcover from Jossey-Bass
Health Care Systems in Transition: An International Perspective
by Francis D. Powell, Albert F. Wessen
Paperback from Sage Publications
At Risk in America: The Health and Health Care Needs of Vulnerable Populations in the United States
by Lu Ann Aday
Hardcover from Jossey-Bass
The Politics of Breast Cancer
by Maureen Hogan Casamayou
Paperback from Georgetown University Press

Special Order
The Political Life of Medicare (American Politics and Political Economy)
by Jonathan Oberlander
Paperback from University of Chicago Press (Trd)
The Double Burden of Malnutrition in Asia : Causes, Consequences, and Solutions
by Stuart Gillespie, Lawrence Haddad
Hardcover from Sage Publications
Health Impacts of Globalization: Towards Global Governance
by Kelley Lee, Lee Kelley
Hardcover from Palgrave Macmillan
U.S. Health Law and Policy 2001 : A Guide to the Current Literature
by Donald H. Caldwell
Hardcover from Jossey-Bass
Pharmacracy: Medicine and Politics in America
by Thomas Szasz
Hardcover from Praeger Publishers
Health Care in the New Millennium: Vision, Values, and Leadership
by Ian Morrison
Hardcover from Jossey-Bass


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