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Art of the Andes: From Chavin to Inca (World of Art)
by Rebecca Stone-Miller
from Thames & Hudson
ISBN: 0500203636

The Art of Mesoamerica: From Olmec to Aztec, Third Edition (World of Art)
by Mary Ellen Miller

Art and Archaeology of Pre-Columbian Cuba (Pitt Latin American Series)
by Ramon Dacal Moure, et al
Special Order

The Aztec and Maya Papermakers
by Victor Wolfgang Von Hagen

Aztec and Maya Myths (Legendary Past)
by Karl Taube

Cahokia: Mirror of the Cosmos
by Sally Anderson Chappell
Listed under Cahokia

Casas Grandes and Its Hinterland: Prehistoric Regional Organization in Northwest Mexico
by Michael E. Whalen, Paul E. Minnis
Listed under Casa Grande

Chronicle of the Narvaez Expedition (Penguin Classics)
by Alvar Nunez Cabeza De Vaca, Harold Augenbraum
With an introduction by Ilan Stavans. 
Book Description: This riveting true story is the first major narrative detailing the exploration of North America by Spanish conquistadors (1528-1536). The author, Alvar Núñez Cabeza de Vaca, was a fortune-seeking Spanish nobleman and the treasurer of an expedition sent to claim for Spain a vast area of today's southern United States. In simple, straightforward prose, Cabeza de Vaca chronicles the nine-year odyssey endured by the men after a shipwreck forced them to make a westward journey on foot from present-day Florida through Louisiana and Texas into California. In thirty-eight brief chapters, Cabeza de Vaca describes the scores of natural and human obstacles they encountered as they made their way across an unknown land. Cabeza de Vaca's gripping account offers a trove of ethnographic information, including descriptions and interpretations of native cultures, making it a powerful precursor to modern anthropology.
Paperback from Penguin USA (Paper)
The First Americans: In Pursuit of Archaeology's Greatest Mystery
The First Americans: In Pursuit of Archaeology's Greatest Mystery
by J. M. Adovasio, Jake Page
from Random House
ISBN: 0375505520
From Mounds to Mammoths: A Field Guide to Oklahoma Prehistory
by Claudette Marie Gilbert, Robert L. Brooks

Images from the Underworld: Naj Tunich and the Tradition of Maya Cave Painting
by Andrea Joyce Stone

Lost Cities of the Ancient Southeast
by Mallory McCane O'Connor, Barbara B. Gibbs (Photographer)

Mexico: From the Olmecs to the Aztecs (Fifth Edition)
by Michael D. Coe, Rex Koontz
from Thames & Hudson
ISBN: 050028346X
Moche Art and Archaeology in Ancient Peru
by Joanne Pillsbury (Editor), et al

Mortuary Practices and Social Differentiation at Casas Grandes, Chihuahua, Mexico (Anthropological Papers of the Univ of Arizona, No 49)
by John C. Ravesloot
Listed under Casa Grande

Prehistoric Warfare in the American Southwest
by Steven A. Leblanc

Red, White, and Black: The Peoples of Early North America (4th Edition)
by Gary B. Nash
Paperback from Prentice Hall

Royal Courts of the Ancient Maya: Volume I: History, Comparison, and Synthesis
by Takeshi Inomata (Editor), Stephen D. Houston (Editor)

Search for the First Americans
by David J. Meltzer, Jeremy A. Sabloff
Hardcover from Smithsonian Institution Press

The Stone and the Thread: Andean Roots of Abstract Art
by Cesar Paternosto, Esther Allen (Translator)

They Came Before Columbus
by Ivan Van Sertima
Hardcover from Random House

Time and Reality in the Thought of the Maya
Time and Reality in the Thought of the Maya
by Miguel Leon-Portilla, Fernando Horcasitas
Paperback from Univ of Oklahoma Pr (Trd)


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