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Recommended Books on Slavery

Uncivil Wars: The Controversy over Reparations for Slavery
by David Horowitz
The idea that taxpayers should pay reparations to African Americans for the damages of slavery and segregation is quickly becoming a central demand of some civil rights leaders. It has the backing of important black politicians like Rep. John Conyers (D-Mich), distinguished black intellectuals like Henry Louis Gates and activists like Randall Robinson, who led the successful boycott movement against South Africa a decade ago. The Chicago City Council has overwhelmingly endorsed the concept and municipalities and state governments around the country are considering giving it support. The Publisher
Hardcover - 147 pages 1st edition (December )
Encounter Books; ISBN: 1893554449
Hidden in Plain View: A Secret Story of Quilts and the Underground Railroad
by Jacqueline L. Tobin, et al
Listed under Underground Railroad

Up from Slavery (Oxford World's Classics)
by Booker T. Washington, William L. Andrews (Editor)
Booker Taliaferro Washington (1856-1915) was born into slavery. After the Civil War he obtained a basic education while working as a coal miner and other jobs. After many  difficulties, he studied at Hampton Institute in Virginia (1872-1875).  He became an instructor at Hampton and in 1881 was asked to start a Negro normal school at Tuskegee, Alabama. He started Tuskegee Institute with one instructor, himself,  and 30 students in borrowed quarters. The Publisher
Paperback - 240 pages
Oxford Univ Pr (Trade); ISBN: 0192835629

Uncle Tom's Cabin
by Harriet Beecher Stowe
Hardcover 1996 edition
Modern Library; ISBN: 0679602003

The Bondwoman's Narrative
by Hannah Crafts, Henry Louis, Jr. Gates (Editor)
Listed under Slave Narratives

Many Thousands Gone: The First Two Centuries of Slavery in North America
by Ira Berlin
When Americans look at slavery, they conjure up images of tired black bodies picking cotton from sunup to sundown under Southern skies. That image is partly true, but, as the noted history professor Ira Berlin details, the lives of slaves in America's racist system were complex and diverse. "Viewing slavery through the perspective of what slaves did most of the time," Berlin writes, "provides a means to draw some fundamental distinctions and find some essential commonalities among the various experiences of North America." Berlin reveals the color-caste codes of the Afro-Creoles of the Chesapeake, the survival of African culture in the South Carolina-Georgia-Florida coastal area, and the intermingling of Africans with French and Spanish in the Mississippi Delta area. He weaves a woeful and wondrous tale of the mores, occupations, conflicts, wars, and rebellions that made up the ongoing relationships between masters and slaves. Many Thousands Gone is an excellent companion to Philip D. Morgan's Slave Counterpoint, revealing the influence the "peculiar institution" of slavery had on those of African and European descent alike. --Eugene Holley Jr.
Hardcover: 497 pages
Belknap Pr; ISBN: 0674810929;

Slavemaster President: The Double Career of James Polk
by William Dusinberre
"... arguably the most careful and vivid account to date of how slavery functioned on a single cotton plantation."
Listed under James Polk

The Diligent: A Voyage Through the Worlds of the Slave Trade
by Robert W. Harms
Listed under The Slave Trade

Books on Slavery - Alphabetical Listing

An Abolitionist in the Appalachian South : Ezekiel Birdseye on Slavery, Capitalism, and Separate Statehood in East Tennessee, 1841-1846
by Ezekiel Birdseye, Durwood Dunn
Hardcover - 320 pages
Univ of Tennessee Pr; ISBN: 0870499645

Allen Jay and the Underground Railroad
by Marlene Targ Brill, Janice Lee Porter (Illustrator)
Listed under Underground Railroad

Africa in America : Slave Acculturation and Resistance in the American South and the British Caribbean, 1736-1831 (Blacks in the New World)
by Michael Mullin
Paperback (March )
Univ of Illinois Pr (Pro Ref); ISBN: 0252064461

African American Women During the Civil War
(Studies in African American History and Culture)
by Ella Forbes
Hardcover - 250 pages
Garland Pub; ISBN: 0815331150

All on Fire : William Lloyd Garrison and the Abolition of Slavery
by Henry Mayer
Hardcover - 704 pages 1 edition
St Martins Pr (Trade); ISBN: 0312187408

American Antislavery Songs : A Collection and Analysis (Documentary Reference Collections)
Vicki Lynn Eaklor
Hardcover / Published 1988

American Negro Slave Revolts
by Herbert Aptheker
Paperback: 428 pages  5th edition (August 1983)
International Publishers Co; ISBN: 0717806057

American Slavery, American Freedom
American Slavery, American Freedom
by Edmund S. Morgan
Book Description: "If it is possible to understand the American paradox, the marriage of slavery and freedom, Virginia is surely the place to begin," writes Edmund S. Morgan in American Slavery, American Freedom, a study of the tragic contradiction at the core of America. Morgan finds the key to this central paradox in the people and politics of the state that was both the birthplace of the revolution and the largest slaveholding state in the country. With a new introduction. Winner of the Francis Parkman Prize and the Albert J. Beveridge Award. 
Paperback from W.W. Norton & Company
American Slavery American Freedom : The Ordeal of Colonial Virginia
by Edmund S. Morgan
Paperback Reissue edition (April )
W.W. Norton & Company; ISBN: 0393312887

The Antislavery Appeal : American Abolitionism After 1830
by Ronald G. Walters
Paperback (February 1985)
W.W. Norton & Company; ISBN: 0393954447

Arguing About Slavery : The Great Battle in the United States Congress
by William Lee Miller
Listed under John Quincy Adams

Autobiography of a Female Slave (Banner Book Series)
Mattie Griffith, et al

The Black Abolitionist Papers : The United States, 1859-1865 Vol 5
C. Peter Ripley(Editor)
Hardcover / Published 1992

The Black Abolitionist Papers : Canada, 1830-1865 Vol 2
C. Peter Ripley 
Hardcover / Published 1986

But We Have No Country : The 1851 Christiana, Pennsylvania Resistance
Ella Forbes

Church and Slave in Perry County, Missouri, 1818-1865 (Studies in American Religion, Vol 21)
Stafford Poole, Douglas J Slawson
Listed under Missouri

The Cotton Kingdom: A Traveller's Observations on Cotton and Slavery in the American Slave States: Based upon Three Former Volumes of Journeys and Investigations
by Frederick Law Olmsted, Arthur M. Schlesinger (Editor)

Dade's Last Command
Frank Laumer, John K. Mahon
In 1835, one hundred US soldiers were killed by Seminole indians who were aiding escaped black slaves in Florida.
Listed under Florida History

Delia Webster and the Underground Railroad
Randolph Paul Runyon, William Albert Davis
Listed under Underground Railroad

Denmark Vesey
by David Robertson
Denmark Vesey was a charasmatic ex-slave--literate, professional, and relatively well-off--who had purchased his own freedom with the winnings from a lottery. Inspired by the success of the revolutionary black republic in Haiti, he persuaded some nine thousand slaves to join him in a revolt.
Paperback - 240 pages (August 8, )
Vintage Books; ISBN: 0679762183

Emerson's Antislavery Writings
Ralph Waldo Emerson, et al
Hardcover / Published 1995

Frederick Douglass : Freedom's Voice, 1818-1845 (Rhetoric and Public Affairs Series)
Gregory P. Lampe
Listed under Frederick Douglass

From Slavery to Agrarian Capitalism in the Cotton Plantation South : Central Georgia, 1800-1880 (Fred W. Morrison Series in Southern Studies)
Joseph P. Reidy 
Paperback / Published 1995

The Fortunate Heirs of Freedom : Abolition & Republican Thought
Daniel J. McInerney 

Freedom's Champion Elijah Lovejoy
Paul Simon, Clarence Page (Designer)

George Washington and Slavery : A Documentary Portrayal
by Fritz Hirschfeld
Listed under George Washington

Glorying in Tribulation : The Lifework of Sojourner Truth
Erlene Stetson, Linda David (Contributor)

Generations of Captivity : A History of African-American Slaves
by Ira Berlin (Author)

Kara Walker: Narratives of a Negress
by Kara Elizabeth Walker, et al
Listed under Slave Narratives

He Shall Go Out Free: The Lives of Denmark Vesey
by Douglas R. Egerton
Hardcover - 272 pages (January 15, )
Madison House Pub; ISBN: 0945612672

Holy Warriors : The Abolitionists and American Slavery
James Brewer Stewart, Eric Foner

Jacksonian America : Society, Personality, and Politics
Edward Pessen
Paperback / Published 1985

John Brown : A Biography (American History Through Literature)
W. E. B. Dubois, John David Smith (Editor)
A moving cultural biography of abolitionist martyr John Brown, by one of the most important African-American intellectuals of the twentieth century. In the history of slavery and its legacy, John Brown looms large as a hero whose deeds partly precipitated the Civil War. As Frederick Douglass wrote: "When John Brown stretched forth his arm ... the clash of arms was at hand." DuBois's biography brings Brown stirringly to life and is a neglected classic.
Hardcover - 254 pages (April )
M.E.Sharpe; ISBN: 1563249715

Journal of a Residence on a Georgian Plantation in 1838-1839
Fanny Kemble, et al
Paperback / Published 1984

Justice Accused : Antislavery and the Judicial Process
Robert M. Cover
Paperback / Published 1984

Let My People Go : African Americans 1804-1860 (The Young Oxford History of African Americans, V. 4)
Deborah Gray White, et al

Let My People Go : The Story of the Underground Railroad and the Growth of the Abolition Movement (Southern Classics Series)
Henrietta Buckmaster, et al
Listed under Underground Railroad

Lincoln, Douglas and Slavery : In the Crucible of Public Debate
David Zarefsky 
Paperback / Published 1993

Marie, or Slavery in the United States : A Novel of Jacksonian America (Race in the Americas)
Gustave De Beaumont, et al

Maroon Societies : Rebel Slave Communities in the Americas
by Richard Price (Editor)
Paperback 3rd edition
Johns Hopkins Univ Pr; ISBN: 0801854962

The Meaning of Slavery in the North (Garland Reference Library of Social Science, Vol 1184) (Labor in America, Vol 4)
David R. Roediger(Editor), et al

Means and Ends in American Abolitionism : Garrison and His Critics on Strategy and Tactics, 1834-1850
Aileen S. Kraditor
Paperback / Published 1989

More Than Chattel : Black Women and Slavery in the Americas (Blacks in the Diaspora)
by David Barry Gaspar (Editor), Darlene Clark Hine (Editor)
Paperback - 341 pages (April )
Indiana Univ Pr; ISBN: 0253210437

Mothers of Invention : Women of the Slaveholding South in the American Civil War (Fred W. Morrison Series in Southern Studies)
Drew Gilpin Faust 

Mountain Masters : Slavery and the Sectional Crisis in Western North Carolina
John C. Inscoe

My Bondage and My Freedom
by Frederick Douglass
Listed under Frederick Douglass

Narrative of Sojourner Truth (Penguin Classics)
Nell Irvin Painter(Editor), et al
Listed under Slave Narratives

Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass, an American Slave, Written by Himself : Authoritative Text, Contexts, Criticism (Norton Critical Edition) Frederick Douglass
Listed under Frederick Douglass

A Peculiar Humanism : The Judicial Advocacy of Slavery in High Courts of the Old South, 1820-1850 (Studies in the Legal History of the South)
William E. Wiethoff

Pioneers of the Black Atlantic : Five Slave Narratives from the Enlightenment, 1772-1815
by Henry Louis Gates (Editor), William L. Andrews (Editor)
Listed under Slave Narratives

Political Abolitionism in Wisconsin, 1840-1861
Michael J. McManus
Delivery sometimes delayed.

The Price of Freedom : Slavery and Manumission in Baltimore and Early National Maryland
T. Stephen Whitman

Radical Abolitionism : Anarchy and the Government of God in Antislavery Thought
Lewis Perry 
Paperback / Published 1995

The Ruling Race : A History of American Slaveholders
James Oakes(Introduction)

Samuel Ringgold Ward : Christian Abolitionist (Studies in African American History and Culture)
Ronald K. Burke
Hardcover / Published 1995

Shadrach Minkins : From Fugitive Slave to Citizen
Gary L. Collison

Slavery and Freedom in Delaware 1639-1865
William H. Williams
Paperback - 270 pages 0 edition (March )
Scholarly Resources; ISBN: 0842028471

Slavery and the Founders : Race and Liberty in the Age of Jefferson
by Paul Finkelman
Listed under Thomas Jefferson

Slavery Days in Old Kentucky
Isaac Johnson, et al
Delivery sometimes delayed.

Slavery, Capitalism, and Politics in the Antebellum Republic : Commerce and Compromise, 1820-1850 Vol 1
John Ashworth

Sojourner Truth : Slave, Prophet, Legend
Carleton Mabee, et al
Paperback / Published 1995

Sojourner Truth As Orator : Wit, Story, and Song
(Great American Orators, No. 25)
Suzanne Pullon Fitch, et al

Soul by Soul : Life Inside the Antebellum Slave Market
by Walter Johnson
This award-winning volume takes readers inside the New Orleans slave market, the largest in the nation, where 100,000 men, women, and children were packaged, priced and sold. Johnson transforms the statistics of this chilling practice into the human drama of traders, buyers, and slaves, negotiating sales that would alter the life of each. Powell's.
Listed under The Slave Trade

To Awaken My Afflicted Brethren : David Walker and the Problem of Antebellum Slave Resistance
Peter P. Hinks

Union & Emancipation : Essays on Politics and Race in the Civil War Era
David W. Blight(Editor), Brooks D. Simpson (Editor)

War to the Knife : Bleeding Kansas, 1854-1861
Thomas Goodrich

We Lived in a Little Cabin in the Yard
Belinda Hurmence(Editor) / Paperback

Weevils in the Wheat : Interviews With Virginia Ex-Slaves
Charles L., Jr. Perdue, et al
Paperback: 405 pages ; Dimensions (in inches): 1.20 x 9.03 x 6.04
Publisher: University Press of Virginia; Reprint edition (February 1992)
ISBN: 0813913705

Wendell Phillips : Liberty's Hero
James Brewer Stewart
Paperback: 376 pages ; Dimensions (in inches): 0.77 x 9.03 x 6.03
Publisher: Louisiana State University Press; Reprint edition
ISBN: 0807123188

William Lloyd Garrison and the Fight Against Slavery : Selections from the Liberator (Bedford Book in History and Culture)
William E. Cain(Editor) / Paperback / Published 1995

Them Dark Days: Slavery in the American Rice Swamps
by William Dusinberre

Hard to Find and Out of Print Books on Slavery

The Black Abolitionist Papers : The British Isles, 1830-1865 Vol 1
C. Peter Ripley(Editor) / Hardcover / Published 1985
Special Order

British Unitarians Against American Slavery, 1833-65
Charles Douglas Stange / Hardcover / Published 1984
Special Order

Courage and Conscience : Black & White Abolitionists in Boston
Donald M. Jacobs(Editor) / Hardcover / Published 1993
(Special Order)

Crusaders and Compromisers : Essays on the Relationship of the Antislavery Struggle to the Antebellum Party System (Contributions in American , No)
Alan M. Kraut(Editor) / Hardcover / Published 1983
Out of Print - Try Used Books

Discovering the Women in Slavery : Emancipating Perspectives on the American Past
Patricia Morton(Editor) / Hardcover
Special Order

The Emancipation Proclamation
John Hope Franklin / Paperback / Published 1995 
Special Order

The Evangelical War Against Slavery and Caste : The Life and Times of John G. Fee
Victor B. Howard / Hardcover
Special Order

Freedom and Prejudice : The Legacy of Slavery in the United States and Brazil
Robert Brent Toplin / Hardcover / Published 1981 
(Special Order)

Freedom at Risk : The Kidnapping of Free Blacks in America, 1780-1865
Carol Wilson / Hardcover 
(Special Order)

Freedom's Despots : The Critique of Abolition
Robert J. Loewenberg / Hardcover / Published 1986
Out of Print - Try Used Books

Henry Hughes and Proslavery Thought in the Old South (Southern Biography Series)
Douglas Ambrose / Hardcover 
(Special Order)

Joshua Leavitt : Evangelical Abolitionist
Hugh Davis / Hardcover / Published 1990 
(Special Order)

The Kentucky Abolitionists in the Midst of Slavery 1854-1864 : Exiles for Freedom
Richard Sears / Hardcover / Published 1993
 (Special Order)

The Lane Rebels : Evangelicalism and Antislavery in Antebellum America (Studies in Evangelicalism ; No. 2)
Lawrence Thomas Lesick / Hardcover / Published 1980
Out of Print - Try Used Books

Lewis Tappan and the Evangelical War Against Slavery
Bertram Wyatt-Brown / Paperback
(Special Order)

Martha Schofield and the Re-Education of the South, 1839-1916 (Studies in Women and Religion, Vol 24)
Katherine Smedley / Hardcover / Published 1987 
(Special Order)

Morality & Utility in American Antislavery Reform
Louis S. Gerteis
Hardcover / Published 1987
Special Order

Portrait of an Abolitionist : A Biography of George Luther Stearns, 1809-1867 (Contributions in American History, No 167)
Charles E. Heller / Hardcover
Special Order

By Land and by Sea : Quakers Confront Slavery and Its Aftermath in North Carolina
Hiram H. Hilty / Paperback / Published 1993
Out of Print - Try Used Books

The Confessions of Nat Turner and Related Documents (Bedford Series in History and Culture (Cloth))
Kenneth S. Greenberg(Editor), Nat confes Turner
Out of Print - Try Used Books

Antebellum Black Activists : Race, Gender, and Self (Studies in African American History and Culture)
R. J. Young / Hardcover
Out of Print - Try Used Books

Antislavery (Articles on American Slavery, Vol 14)
Paul Finkelman(Editor) / Hardcover / Published 1990
Out of Print - Try Used Books

Antislavery Newspapers and Periodicals, 1840-1860 : Annotated Index of Letters in the National Antislavery Standard Vol 4
John W. Blassingame / Hardcover / Published 1984 
Out of Print - Try Used Books

Antislavery Newspapers and Periodicals, 1861-1871 : Annotated Index of Letters in the National Antislavery Standard Vol 5
John W. Blassingame / Hardcover / Published 1984 
Out of Print - Try Used Books

Be Jubilant My Feet : African American Abolitionists in the American Missionary Association 1839-1861
Clara Merritt Deboer / Hardcover 
Out of Print - Try Used Books

Bonds of Wickedness : American Evangelicals Against Slavery, 1770-1808
James Essig / Hardcover / Published 1982
Out of Print - Try Used Books

Abolitionism in the United States and Brazil : A Comparative Perspective (Studies in African American History and Culture)
Celia M. Azevedo / Hardcover / Published 1995 
Out of Print - Try Used Books

Runaway Slaves : Rebels on the Plantation
by John Hope Franklin, Loren Schweninger
Runaway Slaves is yet another masterpiece from the esteemed African American historian John Hope Franklin, author of the influential From Slavery to Freedom. Along with history professor Loren Schweninger, Franklin examines the often unexplored phenomenon of slave resistance--specifically, that of runaway slaves. For too long, there has been a myth that slaves were happy with their condition. Armed with the data from numerous Wanted posters, letters, county-court petitions, and newspapers, Franklin and Schweninger prove that slaves were in a constant state of rebellion with their masters. The intense circle of violence between blacks and whites was marked by property sabotage, work stoppage, assault, murder, and escape into the North. "Perhaps the greatest impact runaways had on the peculiar institution," the authors suggest, "was in their defiance of the system. Masters and slaves knew that there were blacks who were willing to do almost anything to extricate themselves from bondage." Comprehensive in scholarship and compelling in prose, this book sheds light on an underappreciated aspect of the American quest for freedom. --Eugene Holley Jr. -
Hardcover - 512 pages (April )
Oxford Univ Pr (Trade); ISBN: 0195084497
Out of Print - Try Used Books

Slaves in the Family
Edward Ball / Hardcover 
Out of Print - Try Used Books

Free at Last : A Documentary History of Slavery, Freedom, and the Civil War
Ira Berlin, et al / Hardcover / Published 1992 
Out of Print - Try Used Books

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