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Boudica: The British Revolt Against Rome, AD 60
by Graham Webster

The Warrior Queens
by Antonia Fraser
Paperback: 383 pages ; Dimensions (in inches): 0.90 x 8.02 x 5.30
Publisher: Vintage Books; Reprint edition (April 1990)
ISBN: 0679728163

Boadicea and Her Sisters: Women of Wales
by Anne Rutherford
Stories of Welsh heroines famous for their independent religious, political or social choices.

The Legacy of Boadicea: Gender and Nation in Early Modern England
by Jodi Mikalachki (Library Binding)
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Ashes of Britannia
by Haley Elizabeth Garwood
Historical Fiction

Boudica, Queen of the Iceni
by Marlene Sosebee
Historical Fiction
Book Description Two thousand years ago, the Roman Empire conquered most of Europe by slaughtering and enslaving millions of ancient Celts. All of Europe, from Britain to as far south as Italy and from what is now France, to as far east as Turkey, was all under Celtic rule. The Romans conquered these ancient Celts with superior military tactics and better weapons. When the Roman legions attacked a Celtic village, they would kill all the men, enslave the children and make whores of the women. 

In 55BC, Julius Caesar invaded Britain for its wealth in copper and tin. The Britons, or ancient Celts, were made up of many tribes ruled by kings and queens. Unlike the Romans, Celtic women had as many rights as men. 

On this remote island, the Romans decided to keep the villages intact and create client kingdoms, taking half of every tribes wealth and production. 

After the death of King Prasutagus, the Iceni tribe was left to his Queen Boudica. This was something the Romans could not except. For them, women had no right to own property for they were themselves, property to the Romans. When Queen Boudica stood up to the Romans, she was flogged and her two young daughters were raped. In 61 AD, Boudica led a revolt through Camulodunum, Verulamium and what is now London, killing 70 thousand Romans.
Paperback: 109 pages ; Dimensions (in inches): 8.50 x 0.25 x 5.50
Publisher: Xlibris Corporation; Revised edition (July )
ISBN: 0738832235

Boudicca's Revenge
by Roxanne Gregory
Historical Fiction

by Arjae Harrison
Historical Fiction
Book Description Boudicca is the riveting tragic story of a Celtic queen known as "The Mother of Britain," who dared to defy Nero and Challenge the Roman Army. This story is a blend of the available historical facts concerning the famed Iceni Queen, with the mythology in Britain at the beginning of the first millennium. It begins four years before the Claudian invasion of Britain, when Boudicca was probably in her early teens, and follows her life through her early training, her marriage to King Prasutagus with whom she has two daughters, and her increasing power with Iceni tribe. In the years after the invasion, the victorious Romans become greedy and when the Prasutagus dies, Boudicca is scourged. In the resulting revolt, she leads an army that slaughters all who side with the Romans. In her rampage she very nearly defeats the Roman army, but when victory escapes her, she commits suicide. The story ends with her death in 61 AD. 

While allegory, fantasy and mysticism are employed, the story remains true to the mores, customs and beliefs of the Celts, as nearly as knowledge permits. Many of the characters, such as Prasutagus, Caratacus, Togodumnus, Cunobelinos, The Roman leaders and the Roman procurator are documented historical figures who were involved in the four hundred year reign of the Romans.
Paperback: 248 pages ; Dimensions (in inches): 0.65 x 9.02 x 6.03
Publisher: Writer's Showcase Press; (December )
ISBN: 0595144756
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Rebellion against Rome : Boudica's uprising against the Roman occupation forces in A.D. 61
by Plantagenet Somerset Fry
from T. Dalton
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Warrior Queen
by Robert Tyler Stevens, et al
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