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The American Axis: Henry Ford, Charles Lindbergh, and the Rise of the Third Reich
by Max Wallace
Book Description:
Henry Ford and Charles Lindbergh have long been exalted as two of the greatest American icons of the twentieth century. From award-winning journalist Max Wallace comes groundbreaking and astonishing revelations about the poisonous effect these two so-called American heroes had on Western democracy. In his wide ranging investigation, Wallace goes further than any other historian to expose how Ford and Lindbergh-acting in league with the Nazis-almost brought democratic Europe to the verge of extinction. With unprecedented access to declassified FBI and military intelligence files, Wallace reveals how the close friendship and ideological bond between automotive pioneer Ford and aviator Lindbergh culminated in an abuse of power that helped strengthen Hitler's regime and undermined the Allied war effort. Wallace traces Henry Ford's ties to Nazi Germany back as far as the 1920s, presenting compelling evidence of a financial paper trail proving that Ford subsidized the rise to power of Adolph Hitler, who described Ford as "my inspiration." For the first time, the genesis of Ford's notorious Anti-Semitism is uncovered: The American Axis proves that Ford's private secretary and life-long confidante was a German spy, who channeled his employer's Jew-baiting crusades to further the cause of the Third Reich. Lindbergh's own anti-Semitism and white-Supremacist views captured the attention of the Nazis, who soon manipulated him in their clandestine Fifth Column efforts. As the first unauthorized biographer to gain access to the Lindbergh archives, Wallace paints a substantially more chilling portrait of Lindbergh's pre-war activities than any previous historian and produces new evidence that the Nazis secretly plotted to install Lindbergh as the leader of the movement to keep America out of World War Two. The most controversial corporate investigation since IBM and the Holocaust, the book reveals that the Ford Motor Company's military and political complicity in the Third Reich war effort was considerably stronger than the company has acknowledged and that a US Army post-war investigation concluded that the company had become "an arsenal of Nazism." Wallace disputes a recent internal investigation into the use of slave labor at Ford's German plant during World War II - which company officials claimed as a vindication of its wartime activities - and reveals that corporate President Edsel Ford was about to be indicted by the US government for "Trading With the Enemy" at the time of his 1943 death. The American Axis is not only a mesmerizing, cautionary tale, but a compelling historical expose. 
Hardcover from St. Martin's Press
The Aviation Legacy of Henry & Edsel Ford
by Timothy J. O'Callaghan
Book Description: The Aviation Legacy of Henry & Edsel Ford is the definitive documentation of the Ford's contributions in the development of aviation from the 1920s through World War II. This 208 page book contains over 160 beautifully reproduced photographs; almost 100 of which are being published for the first time. There is documentation proving the existence of four Flivver airplanes; a point which has been debated for decades. The book also covers, in detail, such topics as Ford's first airplane - Inauguration of the Ford Air Transportation Service - Development of the Ford Tri-Motor - North and Sount Pole Expeditions - Erection of a mooring mast and visits of Army and Navy dirigibles and much more.
Hardcover: 208 pages
Proctor Pubns; ISBN: 1928623018;

Edsel: The Story of Henry Ford's Forgotten Son
by Henry L. Dominguez 
Hardcover: Society of Automotive Engineers; ISBN: 0768009200;

Henry Ford: Critical Evaluations in Business and Management: Two-Volume Set (Critical Evaluations in Business and Management)
by John C. Wood (Editor), et al
Book Description: This collection features articles on the contributions made by Henry Ford to American management practices. An eccentric, yet enlightened thinker, Ford helped to turn F. W. Taylor's ideas of scientific management into a "system of production" characterized by highly efficient, high-volume, vertically integrated production, with high wages and low prices. This set reprints in one place the essential articles on the methods and management ideas that made the motorcar the defining product of the twentieth century.
(Library Binding)
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Henry Ford and the Jews
Neil Baldwin
Henry Ford was not only one of America's great industrialists, he was also one of America's great haters. With "his rambling mouth" and his "volatile passions and budgetless financial resources," Ford became famous around the country and the world for his rabid anti-Semitism. "He did not like the Jews because he believed they were warmongering, manipulative, and alien," writes Neil Baldwin. A pacifist, Ford blamed the First World War on "German-Jewish bankers." In the 1920s, he published The Dearborn Independent, which featured notorious articles such as "The International Jew: The World's Problem." In 1938, he became the first American recipient of a Nazi award bestowed upon non-Germans. Baldwin details Ford's views and activities and also describes the phenomenon of anti-Semitism in the United States during the 1920s and 1930s. Henry Ford once declared, infamously, "History is more or less the bunk." His descendents seem to disagree. "Beginning with Henry Ford II," writes Baldwin, "succeeding generations of Fords have sought to put an end to Henry Ford's dark legacy" by supporting Israel and Jewish charities. Their actions bear out what one Jewish newspaper said in response to Ford in 1920: "We are firm in our belief that stupidity cannot triumph." --John Miller -
Hardcover - 17 December, 2001

Henry Ford : Building Cars for Everyone (Historical American Biographies)
by Pat McCarthy 
Reading level: Ages 9-12
(Library Binding)

Henry Ford : The People's Carmaker (What's Their Story)
by Haydn Middleton
Listed under Auto Books for Children

The International Jew: The World's Foremost Problem 1920
The International Jew: The World's Foremost Problem 1920
by Henry Ford
Paperback from Kessinger Publishing Company
Today and Tomorrow
by Henry Ford
Originally published in 1926, Today and Tomorrow, written by the world's most famous automaker, Henry Ford, reveals the thinking that changed industry forever. 

Ford's ideas have never stopped having an impact. Taiichi Ohno, the creator of the Just-In-Time (JIT) manufacturing system, freely acknowledges that a key stimulus to JIT was his close reading of Ford. Today these same ideas have re-emerged to revitalize industry around the world.

Today and Tomorrow chronicles Ford's progressive vision. It was his credo of using low-cost, high-quality production to win market share that inspired the Japanese to do the same.
Hardcover Reprint edition (June 1988)
Productivity Pr; ISBN: 0915299364

Wheels for the World: Henry Ford, His Company, and a Century of Progress, 1903-2003
Wheels for the World: Henry Ford, His Company, and a Century of Progress, 1903-2003
by Douglas Brinkley
In conjunction with its 100th anniversary, the Ford Motor Company opened its monumental archives to the unfettered research of author/historian Douglas Brinkley. And while the 800-page history that resulted from that work (as well as Brinkley's tireless, amply footnoted source work elsewhere) is comprehensive to a fault, the scope and enduring impact of the industrial colossus wrought by Henry Ford make it often seem like mere introduction. Brinkley's meticulous, enlightened work can't help but find endless fascination with the company's founder, whose presence resonates through every phase of the company's history, from its fitful start (FMC was the third company to bear the Ford name), through the rise of the Model T (still one of the most ubiquitous and revolutionary mechanical contrivances of the last millennia), to its cycles of corporate decay and rebirth (variously via Iacocca's Mustang in the 60's and the technical innovations and potent retrenchment of trans-nationalism in the 90's). Henry Ford remains one of the greatest human paradoxes in a century filled with them: a largely self-taught engineer who couldn't read a blueprint, yet became a mass-production visionary; an employer whose social conscience (and no small amount of shrewd business acumen) doubled the salary of his employees one era, employed thugs to crush their union organizing efforts the next; a world figure who read little, yet published much, including anti-war editorials and vile, anti-Semitic tracts--despite the fact that his monumental manufacturing facilities were designed by Jews whose friendship and professional relationships he cultivated. The enviro-social impact of Ford's industrial innovations continues to loom, and Brinkley hardly ignores them. But his research is largely focused on the rich players (and their often perplexing psychology) of the Ford saga, all-too-human characters whose ambitious empire will continue to cast its long shadows over many a generation to come. --Jerry McCulley -
Hardcover from Viking Press
28 April, 2003
Wheels of Time : A Biography of Henry Ford
by Catherine Gourley
School & Library Binding - 48 pages
Millbrook Pr; ISBN: 076130214X

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