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Child of the Winds: My Mission With Raoul Wallenberg
by Agnes Adachi, Paulina K. Dennis
Paperback from

A Special Fate: Chiune Sugihara: Hero of the Holocaust
A Special Fate: Chiune Sugihara: Hero of the Holocaust
by Alison Leslie Gold
School & Library Binding from Scholastic
The Righteous: The Unsung Heroes of the Holocaust
The Righteous: The Unsung Heroes of the Holocaust
by Martin Gilbert
Hardcover from Henry Holt & Company, Inc.
Raoul Wallenberg: The Man Who Stopped Death
by Sharon Linnea, Tom Veres
Paperback from Jewish Publication Society
Wallenberg Is Here! The True Story About How Raoul Wallenberg Faced Down the Nazi War Machine & the Infamous Eichmann & Saved Tens of Thousands of Budapest Jews
by Carl L. Steinhouse
Paperback from 1stBooks Library
A Conspiracy of Indifference: The Raoul Wallenberg Story
by Alan Gersten
Paperback from Xlibris Corporation

Letters and Dispatches 1924-1944
by Raoul Wallenberg
Hardcover from Arcade Books


Lost Hero: Raoul Wallenbergs Dramatic Quest to Save the Jews of Hungary
Lost Hero: Raoul Wallenbergs Dramatic Quest to Save the Jews of Hungary
by Danny Smith
Paperback from Harpercollins Pub Ltd
None of Them Were Heroes: Letters Between the Lines 1938-1942
by Chaim Rockman
Hardcover from Devora Publishing
The Holocaust Heroes
The Holocaust Heroes
by David K. Fremon
Library Binding from Enslow Publishers, Inc.
In Search of Sugihara: The Elusive Japanese Diplomat Who Risked His Life to Rescue 10,000 Jews from the Holocaust
by Hillel Levine
Book Description: On August 2, 1940, as on every other morning for weeks before, a long line of Jewish refugees waited outside the Japanese consulate in Kaunas, Lithuania. Many had already witnessed Nazi atrocities in Poland and other Axis-occupied lands, and they were desperate to escape. To leave Europe they needed foreign transit visas. And at the window, the smiling Japanese consul was issuing them. Before his government closed down the consulate and reassigned him to Berlin, he would issue thousands of such visas. 

This is the story of Chiune Sugihara, a diplomat and spy who saved as many as 10,000 Jews from deportation to concentration camps and almost certain death, Because of his extreme modesty, Sugihara's tremendous act of moral courage is only now beginning to become widely known. 

Unlike Raoul Wallenberg, the Swedish diplomat whose government sent him to Hungary with the express purpose of saving Jews, and Oskar Schindler, the German industrialist who at least initially had a vested economic interest in protecting the lives of "his Jews," Sugihara had no apparent reason to perform his acts of rescue. Indeed, he acted in direct violation of official Japanese policy, which directed all government and military personnel to cooperate with the murderous policies of their Nazi allies. Examining Sugihara's education and background -- a background shared with the colonial administrators and military men who committed "the rape of Nanjing" -- author Hillel Levine finds nothing that explains his extraordinary behavior. 

Levine's search has taken him from the old Japanese consul building in Kaunas (now Kovno), Lithuania, to the Australian outback; across Japan from the rice fields of Sugihara's native town to the boardrooms of conglomerates where his younger schoolmates still hold power. But the more Levine sought answers to Sugihara's puzzling behavior, the more he encountered questions. Remarkably, Chiune Sugihara was not the only Japanese official to save Jews. Yet none was ever punished for insubordination. Was there a secret Japanese plan to save Jews from Nazi genocide? 

Much Holocaust scholarship focuses on the perpetrators of evil, trying to illuminate what drove ordinary men and women to commit horrifying and murderous acts. But perhaps as difficult to understand is the phenomenon of rescue: what inspired courageous individuals to swim against the tide of cruelty and indifference. This sensitive and nuanced biography concludes that there is no link between a person's background and his moral inclinations. Mercy remains a divine mystery despite our human craving to reduce it to behavioristic formulas. 

This book does not attempt to explain "man's humanity to man." Instead Levine has woven a fascinating narrative of one man's heroic efforts to save lives, in the midst of so many seeking to destroy them. 
Hardcover from Free Press


No Heroes: A Memoir of Coming Home
by Chris Offutt
Paperback from Simon & Schuster
Heroes of the Holocaust
Heroes of the Holocaust
by Arnold Geier, Abraham H. Foxman
Paperback from Berkley Pub Group
Remembering Raoul Wallenberg: The University of Michigan Celebrates Twentieth-Century Heroes
by Penny Schreiber, Joan Lowenstein
Hardcover from University of Michigan Press

The Three Tragic Heroes of the Vilnius Ghetto: Witenberg, Sheinbaum, Gens
by N. N. Shneidman
Paperback from Mosaic Press
Heroes, Antiheroes and the Holocaust: American Jewry and Historical Choice
by David Morrison
Hardcover from Gefen Books

The Righteous of Switzerland: Heroes of the Holocaust
by Meir Wagner, Andreas C. Fischer, Graham Buik, Moshe Meisels
Hardcover from KTAV Publishing House

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Heroes of the Holocaust (Holocaust (Brookfield, Conn.).)
by Ted Gottfried, Stephen Alcorn
Library Binding from 21st Century Books
Heroes of the Holocaust (History Makers)
by Susan Glick
Hardcover from Lucent Books

Of Heroes, Hooks, and Heirlooms
by Faye Silton
Paperback from Jewish Publication Society
Passage to Freedom: The Sugihara Story
by Ken Mochizuki, Dom Lee
School & Library Binding from Lee & Low Books
Rescuers: Portraits of Moral Courage in the Holocaust
by Gay Block, Malka Drucker
Hardcover from Holmes & Meier Publishers, Inc.
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