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Diana: Memory of a Rose
by Susan Maxwell Skinner, Anwar Hussein (Photographer)

Diana: The People's Princess
by Melissa Burdick Harmon

Diana: Closely Guarded Secret
by Ken Wharfe and Robert Jobson

Diana's Mourning: A People's History
by James Thomas

Diana Story of a Princess: Story of a Princess
by Tim Clayton, Phil Craig

Diana & Dodi: A Love Story
by Rene Delorm, et al

The Queen and Di: The Untold Story
by Ingrid Seward

Diana: The Secret Years
by Simone Simmons, Susan Hill (Contributor)
(Mass Market Paperback)

Diana Princess of Wales: A Tribute in Photographs
by Michael O'Mara (Editor)

Fayed: The Unauthorized Biography
by Tom Bower
Hardcover: 356 pages
MacMillan Pub Ltd; ISBN: 033374554X; (March )

Diana: The People's Princess
by Melissa Burdick Harmon
Hardcover from Metro Books
Diana Princess of Wales: A Tribute in Photographs
by Michael O'Mara
Hardcover from St. Martin's Press
Diana and Jackie : Maidens, Mothers, Myths
by Jay Mulvaney
Hardcover from St. Martin's Press
Princess Diana: Her Life Story 1961-1997
by Richard Buskin
Mass Market Paperback from New American Library
The Voice of Silence : A Life of Love, Healing and Inspiration; The Remarkable Story of Princess Diana's Spiritual Guide
by Oonagh Shanley-Toffolo
Paperback from Health Communications
Diana: Memory of a Rose
by Susan Maxwell Skinner, Anwar Hussein
Paperback from Betty Milner Productions

In Her Own Words: The After-death Journal of Princess Diana
by Christine Toomey

Flowers for Princess Diana
by Ian Jackman, Chuck N. Baker

Target Diana
by Leslie Walker, Leslie Waller

Princess Diana, The House of Windsor and Palm Beach: America's Fascination With "The Touch of Royalty"
by H. J. Roberts

by Kate Snell
Paperback from Trafalgar Square
Mourning Diana: Nation, Culture and the Performance of Grief
by Adrian Kear (Editor), Deborah Lynn Steinberg (Editor)

Monarch : The Life and Reign of Elizabeth II
by Robert Lacey
Listed under Queen Elizabeth II

Princess Diana: The Hidden Evidence
by Jon King, et al

Requiem: Diana, Princess of Wales 1961-1997 Memories and Tributes
by Brian MacArthur (Editor)

A Royal Duty
A Royal Duty
by Paul Burrell
Book Description: Diana, the Princess of Wales, was one of the most publicly covered figures in the modern world. Known as "the people's princess," Diana captivated all who knew her. Much has already been written about her life, both professionally and personally, but until now no one has told her story in the way that only one man can-Paul Burrell-whom she described as both "her rock" and "the only man I can trust." 

Now comes the long awaited book, A ROYAL DUTY by Paul Burrell, the man in whom she confided on matters big and small. Paul, one of the Queen's personal footmen, met Diana during one of her first visits to Balmoral Castle. And while it may have been fate that brought them together, they shared a strong bond that endured to the end of her life. Burrell became Diana's confidant and his unique perspective casts new light on the Princess of Wales and the events that would shape her life and the lives of those around her. 

At the time of her death there was much speculation about Diana's future plans including her thoughts about remarrying and the possibility of relocating to America. Paul, who was one of the last people to speak with her, hopes to set the record straight for the Princess he so admired and cherished. Drawing on private conversations, personal recollections, diaries and letters, Paul has written an extraordinary account of a unique time in the history of the Royal Family. 

When asked why he wrote the book, this is what Paul had to say. "I have made this book as true to her spirit as possible-as inspiring, as loving, as fun. Over the last six years I've had time to reflect on the extraordinary events that I have witnessed. During that time, I have watched and listened patiently as many individuals have claimed to know the truth about the Princess of Wales. I have watched and listened knowing that what was claimed to be the truth is actually far from it. I decided reluctantly to tell what I know to be the truth because I firmly believe that someone has to stand in the Princess' corner and fight for her now that she cannot do so. I welcome the official inquest into her death and it is my hope that it will uncover what really happened that night in Paris. I never thought that I would need to write this book but then I never thought that I would need to redress the balance. I never thought that I would need to defend the Princess against untruths from many different quarters. I was devoted to the Royal Family for many years-first to the Queen, then to the Prince of Wales and finally to the Princess and I remain a loyal subject. But I believe that it is important that the truth is known NOW rather than waiting for the details to emerge in official papers when they are released in 25 years." 
Hardcover from Putnam Pub Group

The Windsor Knot: Charles, Camilla and the Legacy of Diana
by Christopher Wilson
Princess Diana on DVD
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