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An Autumn of War: What America Learned from September 11 and the War on Terrorism
by Victor Davis Hanson
Book Description On September 11, 2001, hours after the terrorist attacks on New York and Washington, the eminent military historian Victor Davis Hanson wrote an article in which he asserted that the United States, like it or not, was now at war and had the moral right to respond with force. An Autumn of War, which opens with that first essay, will stimulate readers across the political spectrum to think more deeply about the attacks, the war, and their lessons for all of us.
Paperback: 240 pages ; Dimensions (in inches): 0.67 x 7.94 x 5.32
Anchor Books; ISBN: 1400031133; 1 Anchor edition (August 13, )

America, September 11: The Courage to Give: The Triumph of the Human Spirit
by Jackie Waldman (Editor), et al

The Age of Terror : America and the World After September 11
by Strobe Talbott (Editor), Nayan Chanda (Editor)

Because We Are Americans: What We Discovered on September 11, 2001
by Jesse Kornbluth (Editor), Jessica Papin (Editor)

Day of Terror, September 11, 2001
by Barbara Shangle

Civilization Under Attack: September 11, 2001 & Beyond
by Bernie Ashman, et al

New York September 11
by David Halberstam (Introduction), Magnum Photographers
The story of September 11 has been burned into our collective memory, but few have seen New York from the perspective of Magnum photographers. Eleven members of the legendary photo agency immediately dispersed from their monthly meeting in New York as the events unfolded, risking their own lives to document the incomprehensible. Their photographs, by turns haunting, surreal, and breathtaking, are collected together in New York September 11, by Magnum Photographers, compellingly presented in a high-quality edition from powerHouse Books. From their various vantage points we are transported to Ground Zero to witness the destruction of the World Trade Center, the buildings’ implosion which sent thousands fleeing from debris through the streets, and the exodus out, only to return to the scene in quiet observation and admiration of the rescue workers whose jobs have only begun and of the mourners who have been gathering in bewildering grief. 

As a tribute to the World Trade Center's noted place in history, New York September 11, by Magnum Photographers also includes some of the most beloved photographs of the Twin Towers taken by Magnum over the last quarter of a century. A portion of the proceeds will be donated to an accredited charitable organization, The New York Times 9/11 Neediest Fund.
Hardcover: 144 pages
powerHouse Books; ISBN: 1576871304; (November 16, )

by Frank McCourt (Introduction), Rudolph W. Giuliani (Introduction), Thomas Von Essen (Introduction)
On September 11, 2001, 343 New York City firefighters perished in the inferno and rubble of the World Trade Center. Each one sacrificed his life in an attempt to save others; each one is the truest and purest example of a hero we will ever know. Brotherhood offers a moving photographic testament to those brave and honorable men, highlighting every engine, ladder, and battalion that lost its brother on that fateful, terrible day. The Publisher
Hardcover - 240 pages (December )
Sterling Publications; ISBN: 0916103730
Last Man Down: A New York City Fire Chief and the Collapse of the World Trade Center
by Richard Picciotto, Daniel Paisner (Contributor)

One Nation: America Remembers September 11, 2001
by Life Magazine (Editor), Rudy Giuliani (Introduction)

September 11, 2001
by Andrews McMeel Publishing (Editor), The Poynter Institute

September 11: A Testimony
by The Staff of Reuters

Portraits 9/11/01: The Collected "Portraits of Grief" from The New York Times
by Gloria Emerson, et al
(Hardcover -- May )

September 11, 2001: A Time for Heroes
by Lance Wubbels

Sometime Lofty Towers: A Photographic Memorial of the World Trade Center
by Jake Rajs (Photographer), Robert Hutchinson (Introduction)
"Sometime Lofty Towers" is a hushed photographic elegy to the World Trade Center. Because every image of the Twin Towers must henceforth be instinct with the multitudinous memory of lives cut short there, this book restricts itself to architectural images of the Towers' proud presence and melancholy absence-and eschews as "de trop" the all-too-familiar images of the violence and anguish of that awful morning. The majority of the photographs in this book come from the luminous portfolio of Jake...
Paperback: 88 pages
Browntrout Pub; ISBN: 0763154725; (October 17, )

World Trade Center
by Peter Skinner

The World Trade Center: A Tribute
by Bill Harris, Peter G., Jr. Goldmark

Twilight Sky: Air Disaster at the World Trade Center and the Pentagon
by Tim Vasquez
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Taliban: Militant Islam, Oil and Fundamentalism in Central Asia
by Ahmed Rashid
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Pan Am 103 : The Lockerbie Cover-Up
by William C. Chasey 
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September 11, 2001, New York Attacked : A Record of Tragedy Heroism, and Hope
by New York Magazine
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September 11 2001 on DVD
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