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Tulipa : A Photographer's Botanical
by Christopher Baker (Photographer), et al
Inspired by seventeenth and eighteenth-century botanical engravings, photographer Christopher Baker set out to revisit the beauty and detail of these drawings in a different medium. With camera in tow, he spent eight months in the bulb fields of Holland, photographing the most outstanding cultivated and species tulips. Working with renowned bulb expert and grower Willem Lemmers, who hand-picked and approved every tulip photographed, Christopher Baker was able to capture each flower at the peak of its perfection. 

The result is an art book with a mission: Exquisite to look at, Tulipa is also the ultimate authority on cultivated and species tulips. Mr. Lemmers, a third-generation bulb grower, tells the stories behind five hundred tulips: their parentage and origins, and the growers who bred them. Each tulip profile includes the tulip's registered name and synonyms, a description of its characteristics, and its suitability for the garden and for forcing. Mr. Lemmers also provides a definitive and up-to-date explanation of the most recent classification of tulips, as well as a look at the classification system's fascination four-hundred-year history. The Publisher
Hardcover - 296 pages (November )
Artisan; ISBN: 1579651224 

Tulips for American Gardens
by Brent Heath, Becky Heath 
by Emelie Tolley, Chris Mead 
Anyone who has witnessed the blinding spring beauty of a tulip field in full bloom can understand the devotion that this colorful flower inspires. From its origins as a wildflower of central Asia, it's captured the hearts of gardeners and collectors for 500 years. Millions of bulbs are cultivated throughout Europe, Australia, the U.S., and Japan each year; there are now more than 3,000 named varieties in every shade of the rainbow except blue and black. Tulips shows off many of the more unusual types, and highlights the flower's fascinating history, which rivals that of most gemstones for tales of incredible fortunes made and lost. Some readers may be surprised to hear that all parts of the tulip are edible, and the back of the book includes several tips for adding color to fruit salads and desserts, as well as instructions for craft items such as tulip-stenciled place mats and a tulip-print lampshade. With a small package of bulbs, it would make an especially wonderful autumn gift for any plant lover.
Hardcover - 64 pages
Clarkson Potter; ISBN: 0609601326
The Tulip
by Anna Pavord
In an auction held in Holland in February 1637, 99 lots of tulip bulbs fetched a staggering 90,000 guilders, more than $3.5 million in today's money. Tulipomania had reached its height, and its story is told in just one of the fascinating sections of Anna Pavord's wonderful book on this most seductive of flowers.
Hardcover - 448 pages
Bloomsbury Pub Plc USA; ISBN: 1582340137

Tulipomania : The Story of the World's Most Coveted Flower & the Extraordinary Passions It Aroused
by Mike Dash
For history buffs or gardeners who enjoy more than just digging in the dirt, Tulipomania presents a fascinating look at the tulip frenzy that took place in Holland in the mid-1600s. Beginning as gifts given among the wealthy and educated folk of Europe and Asia, the tulip rapidly became a source of incredible financial gain--similar to today's Internet start-up companies or Beanie Baby collections. Stories of craftsmen discontinuing their trade and focusing on raising tulips for public auction, where they sold for prices comparable to that of a manor house, are astonishing. Poets, moralists, businessmen--it seems everyone was involved at some level. 

Lack of regulation and poor quality control were just a couple of the details that led to the abrupt crash in February 1637. Tulipomania was the original market bust--people were ruined, debts went unpaid. It was a disaster similar to the stock-market crash of 1929. A brief resurrection of the mania occurred 65 years later in Istanbul, and while it was not the financial obsession Holland experienced, it led to the creation of standards in flower shape and increased the development of new types. You don't need to be obsessed to enjoy this book--an interest in tulips, history, and the futures market ensures that this will be a remarkable read. --Jill Lightner -
Paperback - 273 pages (January 30, )
Three Rivers Pr; ISBN: 060980765X

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by John F. Prevost 
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Tulips: Facts and Folklore About the World's Most Planted Flower
by Sonia Day, Malak (Photographer) (Hardcover)

by Scott D. Appell (Introduction)

by Scott D. Appell (Introduction)

by Peter Arnold (Photographer)
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