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Introduction to Genetic Analysis
Introduction to Genetic Analysis
by Anthony J.F. Griffiths, Susan R. Wessler, Sean B. Carroll, John Doebley
Hardcover from W. H. Freeman
ISBN: 1429229438
Delivery sometimes delayedSince its inception, Introduction to Genetic Analysis (IGA) has been known for its prominent authorship including leading scientists in their field who are great educators. This market best-seller exposes students to the landmark experiments in genetics, teaching students how to analyze experimental data and how to draw their own conclusions based on scientific thinking while teaching students how to think like geneticists.
Life, Vol. 1: The Cell and Heredity
Life, Vol. 1: The Cell and Heredity
by David Sadava, H. Craig Heller, Gordon H. Orians, William K. Purves, David M. Hillis
Paperback from W. H. Freeman
ISBN: 0716776731

Authoritative and thorough, "Life" achieves an optimal balance of scholarship and teachability. The first introductory text to present biological concepts through the research that revealed them, "Life" covers the full range of topics with an integrated experimental focus flowing naturally from the narrative. This approach enables students to experience biology as a rich and coherent discipline. The new edition includes the latest research, new pedagogy, and new chapter-opening spreads that draw students into the chapter in an engaging way.
The Selfish Gene: 30th Anniversary Edition--with a new Introduction by the Author
The Selfish Gene: 30th Anniversary Edition--with a new Introduction by the Author
by Richard Dawkins
Paperback from Oxford University Press, USA
ISBN: 0199291152

Richard Dawkins' brilliant reformulation of the theory of natural selection has the rare distinction of having provoked as much excitement and interest outside the scientific community as within it. His theories have helped change the whole nature of the study of social biology, and have forced thousands of readers to rethink their beliefs about life.
In his internationally bestselling, now classic volume, The Selfish Gene, Dawkins explains how the selfish gene can also be a subtle gene. The world of the selfish gene revolves around savage competition, ruthless exploitation, and deceit, and yet, Dawkins argues, acts of apparent altruism do exist in nature. Bees, for example, will commit suicide when they sting to protect the hive, and birds will risk their lives to warn the flock of an approaching hawk.
This 30th anniversary edition of Dawkins' fascinating book retains all original material, including the two enlightening chapters added in the second edition. In a new Introduction the author presents his thoughts thirty years after the publication of his first and most famous book, while the inclusion of the two-page original Foreword by brilliant American scientist Robert Trivers shows the enthusiastic reaction of the scientific community at that time. This edition is a celebration of a remarkable exposition of evolutionary thought, a work that has been widely hailed for its stylistic brilliance and deep scientific insights, and that continues to stimulate whole new areas of research today.
Evolutionary Analysis
Evolutionary Analysis
by Scott Freeman, Jon C. Herron
Hardcover from Benjamin Cummings
ISBN: 0132275848

By presenting evolutionary biology as an ongoing research effort, this best-seller aims to help readers think like scientists. The authors convey the excitement and logic of evolutionary science by introducing principles through recent and classical studies, and by emphasizing real-world applications. Features a new chapter on Phylogenomics and the Molecular Basis of Adaptation (Ch. 15). Offers an earlier presentation of Reconstructing Evolutionary Trees, reflecting the growing importance of this topic in the field. Includes the latest research and examples, giving students access to the most current developments in the field. Includes full-color photographs, diagrams and data-graphics throughout, developed by the author. Undergraduate courses in evolution

The Singularity Is Near: When Humans Transcend Biology
The Singularity Is Near: When Humans Transcend Biology
by Ray Kurzweil
Paperback from Penguin (Non-Classics)
ISBN: 0143037889

For over three decades, Ray Kurzweil has been one of the most respected and provocative advocates of the role of technology in our future. In his classic The Age of Spiritual Machines, he argued that computers would soon rival the full range of human intelligence at its best. Now he examines the next step in this inexorable evolutionary process: the union of human and machine, in which the knowledge and skills embedded in our brains will be combined with the vastly greater capacity, speed, and knowledge-sharing ability of our creations.
The Greatest Show on Earth: The Evidence for Evolution
The Greatest Show on Earth: The Evidence for Evolution
by Richard Dawkins
Hardcover from Free Press

In 2008, a Gallup poll showed that 44 percent of Americans believed God had created man in his present form within the last 10,000 years. In a Pew Forum poll in the same year, 42 percent believed that all life on earth has existed in its present form since the beginning of time.

In 1859 Charles Darwin's masterpiece, On the Origin of Species, shook society to its core. Darwin was only too aware of the storm his theory of evolution would provoke. But he surely would have raised an incredulous eyebrow at the controversy still raging a century and a half later. Evolution is accepted as scientific fact by all reputable scientists and indeed theologians, yet millions of people continue to question its veracity. Now the author of the iconic work The God Delusion takes them to task.

The Greatest Show on Earth is a stunning counterattack on advocates of "Intelligent Design," explaining the evidence for evolution while exposing the absurdities of the creationist "argument." Dawkins sifts through rich layers of scientific evidence: from living examples of natural selection to clues in the fossil record; from natural clocks that mark the vast epochs wherein evolution ran its course to the intricacies of developing embryos; from plate tectonics to molecular genetics. Combining these elements and many more, he makes the airtight case that "we find ourselves perched on one tiny twig in the midst of a blossoming and flourishing tree of life and it is no accident, but the direct consequence of evolution by non-random selection."

The Greatest Show on Earth comes at a critical time: systematic opposition to the fact of evolution is menacing as never before. In American schools, and in schools around the world, insidious attempts are made to undermine the status of science in the classroom. Dawkins wields a devastating argument against this ignorance, but his unjaded passion for the natural world turns what might have been a negative argument into a positive offering to the reader: nothing less than a master's vision of life, in all its splendor.

Fundamentals of Biochemistry
Fundamentals of Biochemistry
by Donald Voet, Judith G. Voet, Charlotte W. Pratt
Hardcover from Wiley
ISBN: 0471586501

Includes up-to-date coverage on human health and disease.
* Uses simple, clear language to convey the inspiring beauty of the structure and chemistry of life.
* Early emphasis on recombinant DNA technology.

by Benjamin Pierce
Hardcover from W. H. Freeman
ISBN: 1429232501
Based on the author's more than twenty years of teaching experience, Genetics: A Conceptual Approach offers a fresh new way of introducing the major concepts and mechanics of genetics, focusing students on the big picture without overwhelming them with detail. 
Chemistry: The Molecular Nature of Matter and Change
Chemistry: The Molecular Nature of Matter and Change
by Martin Silberberg
Hardcover from McGraw-Hill Science/Engineering/Math
ISBN: 0073101699

Chemistry: The Molecular Nature of Matter and Change by Martin Silberberg has become a favorite among faculty and students. Silberberg's 4th edition contains features that make it the most comprehensive and relevant text for any student enrolled in General Chemistry. The text contains unprecedented macroscopic to microscopic molecular illustrations, consistent step-by-step worked exercises in every chapter, an extensive range of end-of-chapter problems which provide engaging applications covering a wide variety of freshman interests, including engineering, medicine, materials, and environmental studies. All of these qualities make Chemistry: The Molecular Nature of Matter and Change the centerpiece for any General Chemistry course.
Mobile DNA: Finding Treasure in Junk (FT Press Science)
Mobile DNA: Finding Treasure in Junk (FT Press Science)
by Haig H. Kazazian
Hardcover from FT Press
ISBN: 0137070624

In Mobile DNA, leading geneticist Haig Kazazian thoroughly reviews our current understanding of the substantial role mobile genetic elements play in genome and organism evolution and function. He offers an accessible intellectual history of mobile DNA, rich and insightful perspectives on how investigators ask and answer research questions, and his predictions about future developments and research directions for this active field.
Dawkins vs. Gould : Survival of the Fittest
by Kim Sterelny, Jon Turney (Editor)
Kim Sterelny moves beyond caricature to expose the real differences between the conceptions of evolution of these two leading scientists. He shows that the conflict extends beyond evolution to their very beliefs in science itself; and, in Gould’s case, to domains in which science plays no role at all.
Paperback: 160 pages
Totem Books; ISBN: 1840462493; (June 1, )
Alfred Russel Wallace: A Life.
by Peter Raby
Princeton Univ Pr
Hardcover - 352 pages (August 1, )

The Beak of the Finch : A Story of Evolution in Our Time
Jonathan Weiner
Biologists Peter and Rosemary Grant have documented the evolution of Darwin's Galapagos finches, demonstrating that it is neither rare nor slow, but can be watched by the hour. Weiner's superb account reads like a thriller and won the1995 Pulitzer Prize for nonfiction.
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A Brain for All Seasons : Human Evolution and Abrupt Climate Change
by William H. Calvin

The Book of Life: An Illustrated History of the Evolution of Life on Earth
by Stephen Jay Gould (Editor), et al
Hardcover: 256 pages (January 15, )
W.W. Norton & Company; ISBN: 0393050033;

Darwinism Evolving : Systems Dynamics and the Genealogy of Natural Selection
by David J. Depew, Bruce Weber (Contributor)
Paperback Reprint edition
MIT Press; ISBN: 0262540835

Darwin's Black Box : The Biochemical Challenge to Evolution
by Michael J. Behe

Evolution and the Diversity of Life : Selected Essays
by Ernst Mayr
Paperback - 752 pages Reprint edition (March )
Belknap Pr; ISBN: 067427105X

Encyclopedia of Evolution
by Mark D. Pagel (Editor)

Evolution: The Triumph of an Idea
by Carl Zimmer, et al

Fossils : The Evolution and Extinction of Species
by Niles Eldredge, Murray Alcosser (Photographer), Stephen Jay Gould (Introduction)
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The Evolution Wars: A Guide to the Debates
by Michael Ruse (Library Binding)

Future Evolution
by Peter Ward
Hardcover: 192 pages
W H Freeman & Co; ISBN: 0716734966; (November )
Icons of Evolution: Science or Myth?
by Jonathan Wells, Jody F. Sjogren (Illustrator)

Intelligent Design Creationism and Its Critics
by Robert T. Pennock (Editor)
Paperback: 825 pages
MIT Press; ISBN: 0262661241; (December 1, )

Reinventing Darwin : The Great Debate at the High Table of Evolutionary Theory
by Niles Eldredge
One of the world's foremost evolutionary theorists presents a fascinating overview of the arguments supporting the two main opposing theories of evolution that have developed since Darwin--one from the geneticists and the other from the paleontologists. Eldredge offers an insider's perspective of the disputes between the most famous names in the field. He explains who the key players are, why they disagree and gives a spirited defense of his side of the debate. Features all important new advances in evolutionary theory during the past two decades. The Publisher
Paperback - 244 pages (April )
John Wiley & Sons; ISBN: 0471303011

The Structure of Evolutionary Theory
by Stephen Jay Gould
The theory of evolution is regarded as one of the greatest glimmerings of understanding humans have ever had. It is an idea of science, not of belief, and therefore undergoes constant scrutiny and testing by argumentative evolutionary biologists. But while Darwinists may disagree on a great many things, they all operate within a (thus far) successful framework of thought first set down in The Origin of Species in 1859.

In The Structure of Evolutionary Theory, a monumental labor of academic love, Stephen Jay Gould attempts to define and revise that framework. Using the clear metaphors and personable style he is so well known for, Gould outlines the foundation of the theory and attempts to use it to show that modern evolutionary biology has lost its way. He then offers his own system for reconciling Darwin's "basic logical commitments" with the critiques of modern scientists.

Gould's massive opus begs a new look at natural selection with the full weight of history behind it. His opponents will find much to criticize, and orthodox, reductionist Darwinists might feel that Gould has given them short shrift. But as an opening monologue for the new century's biological debates, The Structure of Evolutionary Theory sets a mountainous precedent in exhaustive scholarship, careful logic, and sheer reading pleasure. --Therese Littleton -
Hardcover from Harvard Univ Pr

The Structure and Confirmation of Evolutionary Theory
by Elisabeth A. Lloyd
Paperback from Princeton Univ Pr

Without Miracles : Universal Selection Theory and the Second Darwinian Revolution
by Gary Cziko
Paperback - 400 pages (April )
MIT Press; ISBN: 026253147X

The Selfish Gene
by Richard Dawkins
(Paperback - September 1990)

Originations of Life from Volcanoes and Petroleum; a scientific theory opposed to evolution
by Donald E. Tyler
Paperback: 132 pages
Discovery Books; ISBN: 1884981011; (November 16, 1983)

Walking with Prehistoric Beasts
by Tim Haines, Daren Horley (Illustrator)

What Evolution Is
by Ernst Mayr
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