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Medical and Veterinary Entomology
by Gary Mullen, Lance Durden
Hardcover from Academic Press
Veterinary Clinical Parasitology
by Margaret W. Sloss, Russell L. Kemp, Anne M. Zajac
Plastic Comb from Amer Veterinary Pub
Diagnostic Veterinary Parasitology
by Charles M. Hendrix
Paperback from Mosby
Veterinary Parasitology: Reference Manual
by Bill Foreyt, William J. Foreyt
Spiral-bound from Iowa State University Press
Parasitic Diseases of Wild Mammals
by William M. Samuel, John William Parasitic Diseases of Wild Animals Davis, Margo J. Pybus, A. Alan Kocan
Hardcover from Iowa State University Press
Veterinary Parasitology
by G. M. Urquhart, J. Armour, J. L. Duncan, F. W. Jennings, A. M. Dunn
Paperback from Blackwell Science Inc
Manual of Canine and Feline Infectious Diseases
by Ian K., Ph.D. Ramsey, Bryn J., Ph.D. Tennant
Paperback from British Small Animal Veterinary
Veterinary Parasitology
by Richard J. Martin, Henk D. F. H. Schallig, L. H. Chappell
Paperback from Cambridge University Press

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Parasites (Natural Pet Care Pocket Series)
by Lisa S. Newman
Paperback from Crossing Press

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A Veterinary Guide to the Parasites of Reptiles: Arthropods (Excluding Mites)
by Susan M. Barnard, Lance A. Durden, Steve J. Upton
Hardcover from Krieger Publishing Company

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Handbook of Zoonoses, Second Edition, Section B: Viral Zoonoses
by George W. Beran, James H. Steele
Hardcover from CRC Press
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Madkour's Brucellosis
by M. Monir Madkour
Hardcover from Telos Pr

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A Handbook of Veterinary Parasitology: Domestic Animals of North America
by Henry Joseph, Griffiths
Paperback from Univ of Minnesota Pr (Txt)
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Control of Arthropod Pests of Livestock: A Review of Technology
by R.O. Drummond, John E. George, Sidney E. Kunz
Hardcover from CRC Press
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by Peter L. Boreham
Hardcover from CRC Press
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Flea Biology and Control. The Biology of the Cat Flea. Control and Prevention with Imidacloprid in Small Animals
by Friederike Krämer, Norbert Mencke
Hardcover from Springer Verlag

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Beyond the Germ Theory: The Story of Dr. Cooper Curtice
by Jeanne N. Logue
Hardcover from Texas A&M University Press

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