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Advanced In-Line Skating
by Liz Miller
Listed under Roller Skating

Conditioning for Figure Skating: Off-Ice Techniques for On-Ice Performance
Conditioning for Figure Skating: Off-Ice Techniques for On-Ice Performance
by Carl Poe
Paperback from McGraw-Hill
ISBN: 157028220X

To be the best on the rink, skaters must spend endless hours strengthening and conditioning their bodies off the ice to build strength for the rigors of their performances. Illustrative and technical, yet user-friendly, Conditioning for Figure Skating provides detailed coverage of the physical preparation necessary for Preliminary through Senior-Elite skaters while concentrating on all disciplines of figure skating, including singles, pairs, and ice dance. More than 300 photos illustrate proper warm-up drills, flexibility stretches, cooldown routines, strength training exercises, jump and plyometric training programs, and endurance conditioning exercises for on-ice injury prevention. A periodization plan also helps skaters maximize their training potential.

The Complete Book of Figure Skating
The Complete Book of Figure Skating
by Carole Shulman
Paperback from Human Kinetics
ISBN: 0736035486


Many instructional books have been written about figure skating. Some are very good. Others are outdated. None, however, has been complete. The Complete Book of Figure Skating finally fills that void.

Author Carole Shulman is a former elite competitive skater, a Master PSA instructor, a professional figure skating judge, and the current executive director of the Professional Skaters Association. She provides most comprehensive, up-to-date book available on skating covering proven techniques and training methods for skills performed at all levels and in all disciplines including singles, pairs, ice dancing, and synchronized team skating.

The Complete Book of Figure Skating starts at the beginning--sitting on the ice and then learning to move across the frozen surface with increasing speed, style, and grace. The chapters build in difficulty, covering steps, spins, jumps, and lifts. From stopping to spinning to quad jumps, each skill builds on the previous skills as this complete manual guides you through the skill levels of figure skating.

Providing straightforward advice on how to select a specialty, choose proper equipment, condition off the ice, and manage nutrition--the book also describes the proper technique for more than 100 skills, presented progressively from beginning to advanced levels of expertise:

- Stops and stroking skills
- Freestyle moves
- Turns and footwork (including ice-dancing techniques)
- Spins
- Jumps
- Pairs

For each skill you'll find a clear description with introductory or preparatory steps, followed by a detailed technical explanation to enhance your understanding and training. Special teaching exercises and tips will also help you master the most difficult components of each skill.

As added bonus you'll find helpful information in The Complete Book of Figure Skating about competitions. You'll learn the ins and outs of creating and refining a program--including music, choreography, and costumes--and discover inside tips on how to perfect your skills and score high marks from the judges.

The Complete Book of Figure Skating gives you an essential resource on how to perform the all the techniques and programs of the sport. Whether you're a skater looking to improve your technique or an instructor looking for innovative coaching methods, this book will help you achieve your goal.

Figure Skating s Greatest Stars
Figure Skating's Greatest Stars
by Steve Milton
Hardcover from Firefly Books
ISBN: 1554073243

A beautifully illustrated celebration of the best athletes from this wildly popular sport.

Figure Skating's Greatest Stars profiles 60 great skaters, including champions in men's, women's, pairs and ice dancing. Informative essays describe their careers and championship moments, as well as the definitive events that have made figure skating one of the leading spectator sports in North America.

Fans of all ages will delight in reading the stories of these stars who have jumped higher, spun tighter and skated more gracefully as they pushed skating's artistic and technical boundaries.

Some of the 60 athletes featured are:

  • Dick Button (late 1940s and early 1950s), United States
  • Liudmila and Oleg Protopopov (1960s), Soviet Union
  • Brian Boitano (1980s), United States
  • Elvis Stojko (1990s), Canada
  • Oksana Grishuk and Evgeny Platov (1990s), Russia
  • Jamie Sale and David Pelletier (late 1990s and 2000s), Canada
  • Brian Joubert (2000s), France
  • Qing Pang and Jian Tong (2000s), China
  • Tanith Belbin and Ben Agosto (2000s), United States
  • Michelle Kwan (2000s), United States.
Figure Skating's Greatest Stars is the perfect fanbook for the millions who love this sport.
Figure Skating for Dummies
Figure Skating for Dummies
by Kristi Yamaguchi
Paperback from For Dummies
ISBN: 0764550845

"Kristi Yamaguchi knows skating.... Her experience and passion for the sport come through on each page." Dick Button, Two-Time Olympic Gold Medalist

"Kristi truly explains it all ... from sit spins to death drops, from the kiss-and-cry area to center ice." Mark McDonald, Senior Olympic Correspondent, Dallas Morning News

Covers Everything from Competitions to the Olympics and Beyond!

Olympic Gold Medalist Kristi Yamaguchi Takes You for a Spin Through the World of Figure Skating!

  • Distinguish a toe loop from a Lutz, an Axel, or a Salchow
  • Discover how skaters select their music, choreography, and costumes
  • Understand the judging and scoring of the short and long programs
  • Select the best boots and skates for every budget
  • Locate a practice rink and coach to fit your needs
  • Get into skating shape with tips from Kristi's Olympic training regimen
  • Understand the differences between amateur and professional skaters
  • Keep score at home or rinkside with the Figure Skating For Dummies Scoring System
After watching a figure-skating performance, do you ever wonder what just happened on the ice? The skater supposedly executed a flawless double Salchow and triple Lutz, among other things, and then the judges posted a bunch of numbers. Maybe you need help from the Dummies. Written by 1992 Olympic gold medalist Kristi Yamaguchi (with a foreword by Scott Hamilton), Figure Skating for Dummies is a primer for spectators and would-be skaters alike. Learn the lingo, understand the judging practice, and--if you're really committed--embark on a practical training schedule in hopes of performing your own double-toe loops and triple axels.
Ice Skating: Steps to Success
Ice Skating: Steps to Success
by Karin Kunzle-Watson, Stephen DeArmond
Paperback from Human Kinetics
ISBN: 0873226690


Now there's a masterfully written guide that shows beginning and recreational skaters the fundamental skills of ice skating.

In Ice Skating: Steps to Success, Karin Künzle-Watson--nine-time Swiss National Champion, former Professional World Champion, and one of skating's best instructors--shares with readers the steps that she and many of her students learned on their way to becoming elite competitive skaters.

Most instruction books available on ice skating tend to focus on advanced jumps or spins, assuming the reader will learn the basics through professional instruction. Ice Skating: Steps to Success, however, covers fundamental skills in a way that's easy to understand and apply.
Part of the highly popular Steps to Success Series, this book includes 11 steps (chapters) that progress from basic to intermediate skills. It features over 300 illustrations that make it possible to learn proper form and technique. Readers will learn how to:

- attain the posture and control required for basic skills;
- use standard methods of gaining forward and backward speed;
- execute four different methods of stopping;
- fall properly and get up easily;
- change direction without loss of control; and
- control the skate edges in order to prepare for advanced maneuvers, including jumps, spins, and footwork.

With Ice Skating: Steps to Success, beginning and recreational skaters will develop a solid foundation of skills to help them gain confidence in their abilities and enjoy the sport more.

The Figure Skating Book: A Young Persons Guide to Figure Skating (Young Performer s Guide)
The Figure Skating Book: A Young Persons' Guide to Figure Skating (Young Performer's Guide)
by Debbi Wilkes
Paperback from Firefly Books
ISBN: 1552094456

The Figure Skating Book explains the commonly performed jumps, spins and pairs moves. With detailed instructions for each maneuver, and useful line drawings for all the steps involved. The lively text also outlines some of the history of each move, explaining who made it famous and how. For instance, the Axel is named after Axel Paulsen, the Norwegian skater who invented the jump, and Kurt Browning was the first skater to successfully land a quadruple jump in competition.

The first chapter, Getting Started, includes information about buying the proper equipment and clothing. The Basics explains gliding, stopping, backward stroking and cross-cuts. Turns discusses a variety of turns for the beginner skater, while Jumps offers moves such as the waltz jump, Salchow, toe loop, Lutz and Axel. Spins and Field Moves, details pivots and footwork steps, and Dance introduces the reader to pairs moves. The final chapter gives helpful tips on choosing a skating club and coach, as well as fitness preparation and injury prevention.

As Wilkes points out in her introduction, there's just something totally intoxicating about skating. It's magical and lovely, physical yet artistic, fresh and wholesome and with enough speed and power in the mix to make it dangerous. When a skater finally gets control, the sense of accomplishment is enormous. Skaters and fans at all skill and ages will increase their knowledge and understanding by following lessons in this book.

Artistic Impressions: Figure Skating, Masculinity, and the Limits of Sport
Artistic Impressions: Figure Skating, Masculinity, and the Limits of Sport
by Mary Louise Adams
Paperback from University of Toronto Press, Scholarly Publishing Division
ISBN: 1442611715

In contemporary North America, figure skating ranks among the most 'feminine' of sports and few boys take it up for fear of being labelled effeminate or gay. Yet figure skating was once an exclusively male pastime - women did not skate in significant numbers until the late 1800s, at least a century after the founding of the first skating club. Only in the 1930s did figure skating begin to acquire its feminine image.

Artistic Impressions is the first history to trace figure skating's striking transformation from gentlemen's art to 'girls' sport.' With a focus on masculinity, Mary Louise Adams examines how skating's evolving gender identity has been reflected on the ice and in the media, looking at rules, technique, and style and at ongoing debates about the place of 'art' in sport. Uncovering the little known history of skating, Artistic Impressions shows how ideas about sport, gender, and sexuality have combined to limit the forms of physical expression available to men.

Skating Forward
Skating Forward
by Joanne Jamrosz
Paperback from Comfort Publishing
ISBN: 1935361538

Meet sixteen amazing figure skaters battling the odds every day. No physical limitations or personal challenges will keep them from the sport they love. Join these special young women on ice as they lace up their skates and celebrate life to the fullest.
Figure Skating: A HISTORY
Figure Skating: A HISTORY
by James R. Hines
Paperback from University of Illinois Press
ISBN: 0252072863

"Figure skating", unique in its sublimely beautiful combination of technical precision, musicality, and interpretive elements, has undergone many dramatic developments since the only previous history of the sport was published in 1959. This exciting and information-packed new history by James R. Hines explains skating's many technical and artistic advances, its important figures, its intrigues and scandals, and the historical high points during its long evolution. Hines divides his history into three periods separated by the World Wars. In the first section, he follows functional and recreational ice skating through its evolution into national schools, culminating in the establishment of the International Skating Union and the ascendancy of an international style of skating. The second section explains the changes that occurred as the sport expanded into the form we recognize and enjoy today, and the final section shows how skating became increasingly athletic, imaginative, and intense following World War II, as the main focus turns to skaters themselves. The profiles include some 148 World and Olympic Champions as well as others who, in Dick Button's words, "left the sport better because they were in it." Beginning with mythological tales from twelfth- and thirteenth-century Scandinavians, Hines describes hundreds who have contributed to the sport. They include figure skating's patron saint Lydwina of Schiedam, whose late-fourteenth-century skating tumble has been documented in a woodcut; Ulrich Salchow and Axel Paulsen, who gave their names to distinctive jumps; Madge Syers, who entered and medaled at the previously all-male World Championships in 1902; and Sonja Henie, who took skating to the silver screen. The history ends with the 2002 skating season, when Maria Butyrskaya and Michelle Kwan commanded the most attention and an unfortunate judging decision rocked the pairs' competition, resulting in the adoption of a new judging system. Beyond the contributions of individual skaters, "Figure Skating" also traces the growth of competitions and show skating (professional and amateur), and discussions of relevant social, political, and ethical concerns that have affected the sport. Along with over seventy magnificent historical pictures spread throughout the book, a very special gallery features the picture of every world and Olympic champion. "Figure Skating" is an informative and inspiring resource, sure to be enjoyed by anyone who has ever skated recreationally or in competition as well as by the many fans who have this beautiful sport as spectators.
Figure Skating: Championship Techniques (Sports Illustrated Winners Circle Books)
Figure Skating: Championship Techniques (Sports Illustrated Winners Circle Books)
by John Misha Petkevich
Paperback from Sports Illustrated
ISBN: 1568000707

As a sport, an art, a fitness activity, nothing quite beats figure skating for excitement, grace, beauty, or fun. Now former U.S. Champion figure skater John Misha Petkevich shows how you can find your full potential as a figure skater no matter what your age or ability. The lavishly illustrated volume includes: Detailed instructional-photo sequences What to look for in skates, clothing, rinks, and instruction Getting started 6 basic turns that every figure skater should know 15 spins that you can master The keys to preforming 19 clasic figure skating jumps and splits
All the Sundays Yet to Come: A Skaters Journey
All the Sundays Yet to Come: A Skater's Journey
by Kathryn Bertine
Hardcover from Little, Brown
A Basic Guide to Figure Skating
by Us Olympic Committee, Griffin Publishing
Paperback from Griffin Pub
Champions on Ice: Twenty-Five Years of the World's Finest Figure Skaters
by Christine Brennan
The Complete Book of Figure Skating
The Complete Book of Figure Skating
by Carole Shulman
Paperback from Human Kinetics Publishers
Conditioning for Skating : Off-Ice Techniques for On-Ice Performance
Conditioning for Skating : Off-Ice Techniques for On-Ice Performance
by Carl Poe
Paperback from McGraw-Hill
Coachs Manual: Choreography and Style for Skaters
Coach's Manual: Choreography and Style for Skaters
by Ricky Harris, Frank Carroll
Provides the expertise coaches need to make themselves knowledgeable about this essential part of an ice or roller skater's training.
Paperback from Focus Pub R Pullins & Co

Special Order
Culture on Ice: Figure Skating & Cultural Meaning
Culture on Ice: Figure Skating & Cultural Meaning
by Ellyn Kestnbaum
Paperback from Wesleyan Univ Pr
Edge of Glory : The Inside Story of the Quest for Figure Skating's Olympic Gold Medals
Christine Brennan

Figure Skating: Sharpen Your Skills (Spalding Sports)
by Patricia Hagen, Indiana World Skating Academy, Jennifer Cashen
Paperback from McGraw-Hill/Contemporary Books


Figure Skating School: A Professionally Structured Course from Basic Steps to Advanced Techniques
Figure Skating School: A Professionally Structured Course from Basic Steps to Advanced Techniques
by Peter Morrissey, James Young
Paperback from Firefly Books Ltd
The Inner Champion : A Mental Toughness Training Manual for Figure Skaters
The Inner Champion : A Mental Toughness Training Manual for Figure Skaters
by Choeleen Loundagin
Whether you have Olympic aspirations or you've simply found a fun way to stay fit, you want to get the most from your skating experience - and from yourself! This inspiring, easy-to-use manual is written for skaters of all levels and disciplines who are looking to realize their full potential. 
Newly updated, the second edition of "The Inner Champion" offers proven techniques that can help you boost your mental toughness, plus added information for coaches, parents, and team skaters. Choeleen Loundagin's comprehensive approach and fun, step-by-step training methods will enhance your life both on and off the ice! 
Paperback: 228 pages 
Publisher: InnerChamp Books (November ) 
ISBN-10: 0966394968 
ISBN-13: 978-0966394962 
Inside Figure Skating
by Alina Sivorinovsky

Inside Edge: A Revealing Journey into the Secret World of Figure Skating
by Christine Brennan

Gold! The Todd Eldredge Story
by Alicia Styles

Little Girls in Pretty Boxes: The Making and Breaking of Elite Gymnasts and Figure Skaters
by Joan Ryan
from Warner Books
Special Order

Frozen Assets: The New Order of Figure Skating
by Mark Lund, Rebecca Patrick, Lois Elfman
from Ashton Intl Media Inc

The Inner Champion : A Mental Toughness Training Manual for Figure Skaters
by Choeleen Loundagin, Choeleen N. Loundagin
from InnerChamp Books

Michelle Kwan: My Special Moments
by Michelle Kwan
from Hyperion Press

High-Performance Skating for Hockey
by Steve Cady, Vern Stenlung, K. Vern Stenlund, Vern Stenlund
from Human Kinetics (T)

The Second Mark : Courage, Corruption, and the Battle for Olympic Gold
by Joy Goodwin
Book Description:

It was billed as the greatest event in the history of pair skating: three of the best teams of all time battling for Olympic gold on one night in Salt Lake City. Technical ability was approximately equal. It was the artistic merit score that would decide the gold medal -- the second mark.

Representing Canada, China, and Russia, the three pairs illuminated their distinct cultures. On the second mark, whose culture would triumph? Would it be the beauty of the Russians' ballet on ice, the thrill of the Chinese pair's heart-stopping acrobatics, or the Canadians' passionate connection with the audience? In a down-to-the-wire nail-biter, the difference between gold and silver came down to the vote of a single judge. Hours later, a bombshell: the confession of a French judge unleashed a worldwide debate -- and ultimately produced an unprecedented duplicate gold medal.

The Second Mark reveals what an athlete really goes through to become the best in the world, through the riveting stories of unforgettable people. We meet Yelena Berezhnaya of Russia, who survives emergency brain surgery after a near-fatal training accident and makes it back to the Olympics in less than two years. We meet Zhao Hongbo, a young boy skating in subzero weather in remotest China, who will fulfill his coach's twenty-year dream of catching up to the West. And we meet two Canadians, a barista and a concession stand worker, who had almost quit the sport before deciding to give it one last try -- and becoming world champions.

Exhaustively researched by a skating insider, The Second Mark takes readers deep into the world of the Olympic athlete, illuminating the fascinating differences between East and West. From the frozen fields of China to the secret corridors of the old Soviet sports system, from a tiny farm village in remotest Quebec to the judges' backstage world, The Second Mark tells the compelling human stories behind one of the most controversial nights in Olympic history.
Hardcover from Simon & Schuster

Speed on Skates
by Barry Publow
from Human Kinetics (T)
Figure Skating on DVD

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