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Facing Ali: 15 Fighters / 15 Stories
Facing Ali: 15 Fighters / 15 Stories
by Stephen Brunt
Book Description: Muhammad Ali cast a blinding light on his sport, on the tumultuous times in which he reigned as champion, and on all the people who surrounded him. That included the fighters brave enough to stand alone, in the ring with the greatest heavyweight champion of all time.
Ali's own story has been told often, but the tales of those who faced him have been mostly overlooked. For each, the moments alone in the ring with Ali changed their lives. FACING ALI tells the stories, in the fighters' own words, of fifteen men from around the world--from famous names like Joe Frazier, George Foreman, and Henry Cooper, to lesser lights like Tunney Hunsaker, Jergen Blin, and George Chuvalo. FACING ALI offers a unique perspective on what it was like to fight Ali, and gives new insights into the character of a boxer who is arguably the most recognized man on the planet.
Hardcover from The Lyons Press
Muhammed Ali: The Eyewitness Story of a Boxing Legend
by Alan Goldstein
The Greatest: Muhammad Ali
The Greatest: Muhammad Ali
by Walter Dean Myers
Paperback from Scholastic Signature
The Fight: Norman Mailer
The Fight: Norman Mailer
by Norman Mailer
Paperback from Vintage Books
King of the World: Muhammad Ali and the Rise of an American Hero
King of the World: Muhammad Ali and the Rise of an American Hero
by David Remnick
Paperback from Vintage Books
Muhammed Ali
by Christopher J. Riccella
(Mass Market Paperback - November 1991)

Muhammad Ali: The Birth of a Legend, Miami, 1961-1964
by Flip Schulke, et al
While still a teenager, Cassius Clay approached trainer Angelo Dundee and asked for the chance to spar with one of his professional boxers. The 17-year-old entered the ring with Willie Pastrano and quickly outboxed him. Clay went on to win the Olympic gold medal in Rome. Three months later, Clay moved to Miami to train with Dundee.

Flip Schulke was an up-and-coming photographer on assignment with Sports Illustrated and Life. He went to Miami to cover this upstart boxer. Shulke took to Clay immediately: "I fell in love with the guy the minute I met him. He was so much fun." The result was a series of photographs taken over three extended periods. Muhammad Ali: The Birth of a Legend includes dozens of these photos of the young Clay--including the famous underwater shots first published in Life. Shulke captures the boyish Clay and his bright, broad smile as well as his serious shift to the Muslim faith and his name change to Muhammad Ali. He also sheds light on the pervasive racism Ali endured: though he had won a medal for the United States, he was not allowed to try on a shirt in a Miami department store. ("Once in a while, [Blacks] could try a jacket on because they can slip that on over a shirt. But a shirt's against your skin.") The accompanying text by Matt Schudel features lengthy reminiscences from Schulke about his encounters with Ali. A warm and fitting tribute to The Greatest. --Sunny Delaney -
Paperback: 112 pages
Griffin Trade Paperback; ISBN: 0312263600; (February )

Redemption Song: Muhammad Ali and the Spirit of the Sixties
by Mike Marqusee

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