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Holder of the game's highest lifetime batting average
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Cobb: A Biography
Cobb: A Biography
by Al Stump
Not long before his death, Ty Cobb, as complex and haunted a human being as ever stepped onto a diamond, tapped a young writer named Al Stump to collaborate with him on his autobiography. The result, My Life in Baseball: The True Record, never came close to reaching first base; with Cobb (holder of the game's highest lifetime batting average and lowest lifetime reputation) calling the signals, it was an antiseptic whitewash, as false as its titular claim would have you believe otherwise. Hidden between the lines was the living hell that Cobb--reclusive, bitter, ravaged with cancer, in great pain, and shunned by the baseball community--put Stump through to make sure his demon-filled story was properly sanitized.
Some 30 years later, Stump brilliantly wrought his revenge with the best tool a writer can wield: absolute honesty. In Cobb, he rectifies his earlier cover-up and paints an unforgettable portrait of an unforgettable character: The Georgia Peach--pits and all. Not only does Stump painstakingly assemble the disparate pieces of Cobb's tangled personality and storied career, he also recounts in scrupulous detail the literal wild ride that comprised his months in the company of the dying baseball legend. It is, from its opening inscription ("To get along with me," Cobb told Stump, "don't increase my tension"), a tour de force, as good a sports biography as exists, and an altogether riveting telling of a riveting life. --Jeff Silverman -
Paperback from Algonquin Books
The Ty Cobb Scrapbook
by Marc Okkonen
An Illustrated Chronology of Significant Dates in the 24-Year Career of the Fabled Georgia Peach-Over 800 Games from 1905...
Ty Cobb
Ty Cobb
by Charles C. Alexander
Paperback from Oxford University Press
Ty Cobb (Baseball Legends)
by Norman L. MacHt, Jim Murray (Introduction)
(Library Binding - December 1992)
My Life in Baseball : The True Record
by Ty Cobb, et al
One of sports literature's great whitewashes and cover-ups, Ty Cobb's autobiography is anything but the "true record" of its titular claim. Cobb was as haunted and complex a man as has ever sharpened a pair of spikes, and, in his 70s, when he sat down to tell his story, he simply didn't want the whole of his truth revealed; he preferred to perpetuate his legend. What results, then, is a flawed fairy tale filled with colorful anecdotes and reminiscences that duck the demons that fueled Cobb's inspired play like a pitcher trying to hide from a line drive smashed in the direction of his eyeballs.

Interestingly, the story behind the book is far more raucous and compelling than the book itself. Cobb, as violent and demanding at the end of his life as he was in his playing heyday, virtually kidnapped Stump (one of the most honored sports writers of the late '50s and early '60s), subjecting almost every word and observation to Cobb's approval. Stump finally exacted his literary pound of flesh years later when he slid spikes high into Cobb's ghost with the publication of his marvelously rich--and real--accounting of Cobb's life in Cobb: A Biography. Stump not only nicked the fuzz off the Georgia Peach in that second effort, he recounted the harrowing circumstances behind the first. Together, the two books provide a fascinating prism into a man's life and legacy, the first volume bending the light to diffuse the truth, the second straightening it out to preserve it. Silverman
Paperback from Univ of Nebraska Pr
ISBN: 0803263597

by Patrick Creevy
Hardcover from Forge
The Tiger wore spikes; an informal biography of Ty Cobb
by John Dennis McCallum
Unknown Binding
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Ty Cobb : His Tumultuous Life and Times
by Richard Bak
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Ty Cobb, the Greatest (Putnam Sports Shelf)
by Robert, Rubin
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Ty Cobb
by Richard Bak
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