Evil Koala
Stator Rewinds
Motorcycle Electrics Specialist
motorcycle alternators
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All motorcycle stators rewound
to factory specs or better, 
including pickup coils

Racing specs or high reliability available

Ducati electrics

Standard alternator stator rewinds come with 3 months warranty
Ducati electronics are our speciality.
Regulators, transducers, 
stators and pickups.
We repair all types including
Motoplat, SEM, Kokosan

CDI pickups repaired

We repair Honda, Kawasaki, Yamaha and Suzuki
BMW, Guzzi, Laverda and of course 
Ducati electrics.
Most other brands also
BMW Hall effect vane switches
(cdi pick-ups) re-conditioned
Sorry, we don't do starter motors 
Don't forget

Stator Rewinds
45 Bayside Drive, Green Point, Gosford NSW 2251
Phone: +61 (0)243 692 313
Fax: +61 (0)243 692 313
Office Hours
8:30 to 5:30Monday to Friday

If phoning or faxing,please tell us that you've seen our site, we'd love to know.

Site established 6th Sept 1997


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