For all Moto Guzzi models - Exclusively at Stein-Dinse! Also available for all other motorcycle brands!
With growing age, fork springs lose their tension. This is noted by nose dive when braking, bottoming when riding with 2 persons, or by an uneasy, wobbly feel when riding on a rough road. 
Wirth Springs for Moto Guzzi motorcycles The original, linear Guzzi fork springs cannot rebound softly at first and then more strongly when submitted to more pressure, while this is exactly how progressive springs react. 
Progressive fork springs offer soft initial spring rate combined with increasing resistance. 
The difference is the following: 
Linear fork springs have the a change of pitch inclination over the spring length. Submitted to pressure, the narrow part of the pitch reacts by rebounding softly at first, until the whorls touch in that area. Submitted to more pressure, the wider pitch section rebounds more strongly. 
The German company WIRTH, being specialists in fork springs with more than 10 years of experience, has developed new progressive fork springs for most Guzzi models in close association with Stein-Dinse. 
The springs are easy to replace. When doing so, the same amount of fork oil with the same viscosity is used. 
Wirth Springs chart  
Fork Spring Set, progressive
complete for one motorcycle 
300 082 318 
300 082 315
LM1, V7 Sport, S3 
LM2/3, T3,  SP, G5 
V65, Cal.2
300 082 316 
300 082 317
LM4, LM1000 pre 1990 
LM1000 post 1990, 1000S, Cal.3

300 082 319

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