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The application process is fairly straightforward, but before you begin please ensure that your site meets the following criteria:
  1. The site may be described as a quality site.

  2. The site has substantial content related to Vintage, Veteran and Classic motorcycles made prior to 1975.
It's just not worth it.
I was an active webring manager for more than ten years, working on average at least one hour per day over the whole period to promote the system. Gradually it became less and less beneficial to work with and promote Webring due to the attitude of the management and the fact that traffic sent to webring com was like sending it into a black hole. Most of it never came out again.

Their stats didn't show that, but mine did. Shortly before I pulled the pin I checked the stats again using Google Analytics. The traffic coming to me from the 100+ webrings I managed, many of which had well over 100 members, was miniscule. SFA, in fact.

Finally, they removed the only decent, direct link back to my main site, making the exchange almost totally one-way with no SEO benefits remaining at all. Click - thwoop - boom.

Here is what another person in a similar situation has to say about their experience with Webring.com and its owners:

Moral of the story for any third party listening in, who might be unfamiliar with Webring.com: If you can find a way of making your site visible without using Webring, do. In all of my years on the Internet, I have never seen another service whose staff behaved as outrageously as did the staff at Webring, or which so consistently provided its users with headaches that just never end. Use their service and get on their radar screen, and you might very well find yourself getting to go through what they're putting me through, right now, in exchange for which you'll see maybe 1/2 of a hit per ring membership per day. It's just not worth it.

Another person says:

I questioned webring several times about its practices, and each time I was told specifically, if in other words, that if I didn't like it, I could leave.

My gripe with webring doesn't constitute a legal battle, but if you need moral support, I'm right here. If I knew the name of a good copyright lawyer, I'd refer him to you immediately. PLEASE keep us posted on how your battle goes - I, at least, would like to follow your ordeal.


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