Letters of Appreciation
Mr Richard's Bike
at the top of Galebia Pass
    Mr. Richards rode his third Brough Superior with passenger and baggage through the Alps without a moment's trouble.  Now read what he says, on 28th September, 1938: -
    "I take this opportunity of informing you of the vast pleasure which my B.S. gave me during the recent holiday period.  During the August month, I covered 4,500 miles, 2,400 of which were ticked up on a Continental trip occupying nine days.  On this trip a pillion passenger was carried and considerable luggage was attached, the mounting being behind the passenger's seat and reaching her shoulder height.  Steering, however, was unaffected up to 75 m.p.h.  I did not find it necessary to exceed this, and, naturally the performance under all conditions - mountains and rough stuff - was quite up to par in spite of the heavy load.  It will be of interest to note that although the route was from Calais to Nice - San Remo - Geneva - Calais ( a route you know) involving many French and Italian passes and reaching 8000-odd feet, the petrol consumption averaged 58.2 m.p.g. and oil 3,532.8 m.p.g. (exclusive of draining).  I 'cruise' at 60-65 m.p.h.
    "The real satisfaction, however, derives from the fact that during the whole month of 4,500 and a further 700 covered in early September the machine received no attention whatever beyond the draining.  The tappets were examined once but required no adjustment.  On the final run of the period in question, a speed of 80 m.p.h. was reached ( with passenger and kit) without the slightest fuss or effort.  That, Mr Brough, is what I like, and have come to expect as normal - my machine has covered 25,000 miles.  I am extremely obliged to you !"
Read what the Chief Constable of Nottingham says:

    "The Police Department of this City has tried out many different types of motor cycles during the past 10 years.
    "It has been our experience that it is cheaper in the long run to buy the best machine available in preference to a cheaper article which cannot stand up to the work for any length of time.  For that reason, I am gradually replacing all my motor cycles with Brough Superiors.  My mechanical division is already equipped with Brough Superiors."

Read what L. F. Clouder, Esq., 922, Pershore Road, Selly Park, Birmingham, says: -

    "I have just taken delivery of a new S.S. 80, with which I am delighted.  The machine steers beautifully, and is amazingly quiet - in fact, I can only liken the exhaust note to a venerable Bishop clearing his throat.
    "Seriously though, I have been wanting a Brough for years, and you may be sure if I can persuaded any of the Club chappies to 'Brough It' instead of  'rough it', I will. Looking forward to the best year's riding ever."

J. Speechley, 26, Holmesdale Road, Highgate, London, N., writes:
"I must again thank you and express my entire satisfaction of this machine.  She is a really wonderful 'bus'."

I have chosen these expressions of appreciation at random.  They are typical of the expressed opinion of hundreds of satisfied Brough Superior riders in all parts of the World.

Become a B.S. owner and understand their enthusiasm !

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