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"Broughing It - with George"
    Send for "Motor Cycling" Reprintin which it says: - "A well-mixed week-end with a 1938 S.S.80 and a famous Banking Chair, piloted by 'Mr Manufacturer.' 
By Henry Laird. 
    "The machine itself, one of the new S.S.80 De Luxe models, complete with sprung rear wheel and bottom link forks, looked just the job for about 800 miles in two days.  This short period had to be, so that I could cover the Whit-Monday races at Donnington. 
    "We did not need to go far for me to realize the smooth and effortless manner in which the outfit proceeded at round about 50 m.p.h.  Far higher cruising speeds than this presented no difficulty, but on a 24-hour trial the object is to get there, having imposed the minimum strain on the machine.  'Plenty of time for a spot of speed work on the way back,' said my pilot. 
    "So far so good, no troubles experienced, the weather pretty good, and the motor running like silk.  Climbing Park Rash, The Brough Superior simply romped to the top, two miles distant. 
    "Only 45 miles remained to the finish and it rained nearly all the way.  What is more, most of that rain must have been running down the stream at the bottom of Costerton Hill; we stopped with the water up to the rear cylinder head !!  Willing hands pulled us out to the 'Observed Section Starts' line and believe it or not, the engine went first kick, so off up the hill like a flash and on to Edinburgh with a P.A. for No. 13 ! 
    "Seldom have I enjoyed a ride more, and after nearly 450 miles we were feeling fresh enough to enjoy our meal, and walk around to see some friends who had come up in a four-wheeler.  This in itself speaks volumes for the silent and easy progress of the S.S.80. 
    "The route sought lay down the Great North Road to Bawtry, where we forked right through Ollerton and round the Nottingham by-pass. 
A very fast road, along which the Brough Superior sailed with the greatest ease between 55-60 m.p.h.  All the hills encountered were ascended in a like manner, and in towns the job could be throttled down to 12 m.p.h. in top gear, from which speed it would accelerate without any trace of transmission snatch.  A delightful machine to ride, and most gentlemanly in its manners, due to its wonderful combination of power, flexibility and silence.  The brakes were efficient enough to meet all emergencies, and wavy and pot-holed roads were smoothed out by the rear-wheel springing and gave a real armchair ride. 
    "The measured quarter-mile was visited and some excellent results obtained, all with a passenger in the sidecar.  As a strong three-quarter side-wind was blowing it was very good to obtain a mean timed speed of 71.43 m.p.h.  The best run was done at a shade over 74 m.p.h.  The standing quarter was covered at 43.48 m.p.h.; a very good figure.  Third and second gears produced 66 m.p.h. and 53 m.p.h. respectively.  During these and further acceleration tests the delightfully easy and positive foot gear change was appreciated. 
    "At the end of all this I would like to do the whole run again, and I cannot speak more highly of the machine than to say I would like it as my own.  So far as the Navigator is concerned, may he thank the Pilot for such a pleasant introduction to charioteering?" 

"Road Test of the Brough Superior S.S. 100 - the World's Eastest Touring Machine"

Send for "Motor Cycling" Reprint, in which it says: - 
" was most impressive to find that the handling on corners and round fast bends closely resembled that of a good 'five hundred' "

                                                                     Extras  (Relating to all Models, unless otherwise stated)
£ s. d.
Fully Sprung Rear Wheel ("S.S.80" Standard only) 10 0 0
Large Dial Speedometer (5in.) 4 0 0
Carrier 1 0 0
Folding Pillion Footrests ("S.S.80 Special" only) 12 6
"Fort" Tyres (on "S.S.80" only) 10 0
Aluminium Number Plates (standard on "S.S.100" and "S.S.80 Deluxe") 17 6
Propstand 1 5 0
Legshields 1 5 0
Chromium Plated Mudguards, with Black Centres (Solo) 3 15 0
Chromium Plated Mudguards, with Black Centres (Combination)  5 10 0
Wheels, with Chromium Rims and Black Centres        per pair 1 15 0
£ s. d.
Wheels as above, also with Chromium Hubs and Brake Drums                                                              per pair 3 10 0
Large Alpine Bags, with Valises                  per pair 2 0 0
Safety Bumpers 2 5 0
"Castle" Forks (standard on "S.S. 100") 7 0 0
"Castle" Forks ("S.S.80 De Luxe only)        extra 3 0 0
Bottom Link Forks (standard on "11.50" and "S.S.80 De Luxe") 4 0 0
Revolution Counter 3 10 0
Sidecar (Cruiser) Sidescreens 2 10 0
                              Hood 1 15 0
                              Luggage Grid 1 10 0
 All-Weather Finish can be supplied - no extra charge.  All Machines carriage paid to nearest railway station.
The Manufacturer reserves the right to modify these specifications and prices without notification.
Oil Recommendation. - "Speedwell" Sans Egal for Touring, and "Speedwell" White Ideal for Racing, are exlusively recommended for all Models. Where unobtainable, only first-class branded oils in sealed Tins should be used.


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