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Beginner's Guide to Large Scale Model Railroading
by Marc Horovitz, Russ Larson, Kent J. Johnson (Editor), Allan Miller (Editor)
By the founder and editor of Garden Railways magazine. Introduces the exciting world of trains that can operate indoors or outside. Photos, tips, techniques, and diagrams show how to plan, build, and operate large scale garden railroads.
Paperback - 96 pages
Kalmbach Publishing Company; ISBN: 0897783972

The Garden Railway Manual : A Step-By-Step Guide to Building and Operating an Outdoor Model Railway
by Cyril J. Freezer
Hardcover - 160 pages
Patrick Stephens; ISBN: 1852604654

Getting Started in Garden Railroading
by Allan W. Miller
Garden railroading is fun for the whole family! And, by industry accounts, it's the fastest-growing segment of the model railroading hobby. Packed with inspiring color photos, Getting Started in Garden Railroading provides an informative and entertaining introduction to the hobby. Simple, easy-to-follow steps lead to a durable, reliable, and attractive operating railway designed for year-round enjoyment, regardless of region or climate. Information is presented in a logical sequence, beginning with the most frequently asked questions posed by newcomers to the hobby, and continuing through planning, design, foundation preparation, trackwork, power and control systems, landscaping, scenic details, and operation. Special sections are devoted to motive power and rolling stock, contemporary power and control systems, live steam operations, and maintenance.
Paperback - 160 pages
Krause Publications; ISBN: 0873492323

The Large-Scale Model Railroading Handbook
by Robert Schleicher
Paperback - 224 pages 2nd edition (March )
Krause Publications; ISBN: 0873418662
Official Guide to LGB
by Bob Roth (Editor), Decker Doggett (Contributor)
Authoriative guide to the colorful, collectible German large scale trains popular all over the world. Features all known authenticated variations of LGB trains, and includes up-to-date pricing information.
Hardcover - 192 pages 3rd edition
Greenberg Pub; ISBN: 0897783026

Live Steam

Building the Shay
by Kozo Hiraoka
Hardcover - 195 pages (June 1982)
Wildwood Pubns; ISBN: 0914104071
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So You Want to Build a Live Steam Locomotive
by Joseph F. Nelson 
(Hardcover - June 1978)
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The MDC Shay Handbook
by Jeff Johnston
Paperback from Oso Publishing Company

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Building Simple Model Steam Engines
by Tubal Cain
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The Sewer City Short Line of the Southern Oregon Live-Steamers
by Bert Webber, Margie Webber
(Paperback - September 1993)
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Steam and Stirling : Engines You Can Build
by William C. Fitt (Editor)
Hardcover Vol 1 (June 1980)
Live Steam; ISBN: 0914104063
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The Model Steam Locomotive: A Complete Treatise on Design and Construction
by M. Evans
Paperback - 208 pages (December 1983)
Nexus Special Interests Ltd.; ISBN: 0852428170
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Beginner's Guide to Model Steam Locomotives
by Tim Coles
Paperback from TEE Publishing
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The Regenerator and the Stirling Engine
by Allan J. Organ 
Hardcover - 672 pages 1 edition (November 7, )
Harvill Pr; ISBN: 1860580106
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Trentham: the House, Gardens and Branch Railway
by C.T. Goode
Paperback from C.T. Goode
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Railways in Your Garden
by David Pratt, David Joy
Paperback from Atlantic Transport Publishers

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Garden Railways
by R.E. Tustin
Paperback from TEE Publishing
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Steam in Your Garden
by Tag Gorton
Paperback from Atlantic Transport Publishers

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Steam in miniature : Frank Roberts and his garden railway
by Joyce Roberts
Unknown Binding from A. H. & A. W. Reed
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