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Italian Cinema: From Neorealism to the Present
by Peter E. Bondanella
Paperback from Continuum
Italian Film Posters
by Dave Kehr
Hardcover from Museum of Modern Art, New York
Italian National Cinema 1896-1996 (National Cinemas)
by Pierre Sorlin
Paperback from Routledge
Filmmaking by the Book: Italian Cinema and Literary Adaptation
by Millicent Joy Marcus
Paperback from Johns Hopkins Univ Pr
The Montesi Scandal: The Death of Wilma Montesi and the Birth of the Paparazzi in Fellini's Rome
by Karen Pinkus
Early on a windy morning in April 1953, the body of a young woman washed up on a beach outside of Rome. Her name was Wilma Montesi, and, as the papers reported, she had left her home in the city centre a day earlier, alone. The police called her death an accidental drowning. But the public was not convinced. In the cafes around the Via Veneto, people began to speak - of the son of a powerful politician, lavish parties, movie stars, orgies, drugs. How this news item of everyday life exploded into one of the greatest scandals of a modern democracy is the story Karen Pinkus tells in "The Montesi Scandal". Wilma's death brought to the surface every simmering element of Italian culture: bitter aspiring actresses, corrupt politicians, nervous Jesuits in sunglasses, jaded princes. Italians of all types lined up to testify in the death of the middle-class carpenter's daughter. They sold their stories to the tabloids, only to retract them. They posed for pictures while pretending to shun the spotlight. Pinkus takes us through Rome in the 1950s, linking Wilma's death to the beginnings of the "dolce vita" and following the first paparazzi on their scooters as they shoot the protagonists. More than a meditation of the intricate ties among cinema, paparazzo photography and Italian life, "The Montesi Scandal" narrates the story and its characters as the notes for an unrealized film, brilliant in form and conception. As the reader discovers, the story of Wilma Montesi cannot be understood except as a film -but, ironically, one that seems impossible to produce. 
Hardcover from University of Chicago Press (Trd)
Re-viewing Fascism: Italian Cinema, 1922-1943
by Jacqueline Reich, Piero Garofalo
Paperback from Indiana University Press
Beyond the Latin Lover: Marcello Mastroianni, Masculinity, and Italian Cinema
by Jacqueline Reich
Paperback from Indiana University Press

The Cinema of Economic Miracles: Visuality and Modernization in the Italian Art Film (Post-Contemporary Interventions)
by Angelo Restivo
Paperback from Duke Univ Pr (Txt)
Italian Filmmakers: Self Portraits: A Selection of Interviews
by Jean Lia Gili, Sandra E. Tokunaga, Jean A. Gili
Hardcover from Gremese Editore
Cinema Italian Style
by Silvia Bizio, Claudia Laffranchi
Paperback from Gremese Editore
Italian Horror Film Directors
by Louis Paul, Antonella Fulci, Jess Franco
Hardcover from McFarland & Company
The Italian cinema
by Pierre Leprohon
Unknown Binding from Secker and Warburg
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Masters of Two Arts: Re-Creation of European Literatures in Italian Cinema (Toronto Italian Studies)
by Carlo Testa
Hardcover from Univ of Toronto Pr

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The Folklore of Consensus: Theatricality in the Italian Cinema, 1930-1943
by Marcia Landy
Hardcover from State Univ of New York Pr

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Cinema of Anxiety : A Psychoanalysis of Italian Neorealism
by Vincent F. Rocchio
Paperback from Univ of Texas Press
Hollywood Italians: Dagos, Palookas, Romeos, Wise Guys, and Sopranos
by Peter E. Bondanella
Hardcover from Continuum Pub Group
Italian Cinema and Modern European Literatures: 1945-2000
by Carlo Testa
Hardcover from Praeger Publishers

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