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Piece of Cake
by Derek Robinson
An irreverent but totally realistic novel of the young fighter pilots in the Battle of Britain, first published 1983. Five stars.
Paperback: 576 pages
Acacia Press, Inc.; ISBN: 0006473334; (1993)
Special Order

Goshawk Squadron
by Derek Robinson
Shortlisted for the Booker Prize

War Story
by Derek Robinson
The Hornet Squadron in WWI.
Paperback: 352 pages
Cassell Academic; ISBN: 0304356425;

Hornet's Sting
by Derek Robinson
A brilliantly funny novel, and at the same time a powerful indictment of war. 

Hornet's Sting is the savagely humorous story of Captain Stanley Woolley's air war of 1917, a grindingly slow battle of negligible land gain and stupendous human loss. The Royal Flying Corps' strategy is to fly deep offensive patrols low over enemy territory, slogging home against the prevailing wind. It proves to be a policy so calamitous that a squadron could suffer a 100 percent loss in a month. The only way to... The Publisher
Hardcover: 416 pages
Harvill Pr; ISBN: 1860467938;

A Good Clean Fight
by Derek Robinson
Book Description: It's a classic Derek Robinson story: three groups of men converge for a final battle in the western desert during World War II. An SAS patrol travels through the Sahara to attack a German airbase; a German intelligence officer sets out to settle a personal grudge; and the men from Hornet Squadron (from Robinson's earlier Piece of Cake) are overhead, committed to suicidal ground-attack missions to satisfy their commander. Fast-talking, darkly humorous, and stinging.
Paperback from Cassell Academic


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